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7 Benefits of Summer Pavement Maintenance for Indy Parking Lots

Keeping your Indy parking lot in good condition calls for ongoing pavement maintenance. However, many property owners are unaware that the time of year they schedule pavement maintenance impacts the durability and efficiency of common maintenance treatments. 

Let’s take a look at the advantages of getting pavement maintenance done in warmer weather.

1. Warm Weather Makes Pavement Maintenance More Efficient

Repairing potholes is one of the most critical steps of high-quality pavement maintenance. However, the process can take more time when temperatures aren’t maximized. Winter temperatures slow the process, as materials like hot mix asphalt must remain warm. 

In the summer, temperatures are ideal for hot mix asphalt as it keeps the material more pliable while stabilizing the temperature of the asphalt while the crew works. The same can be said for the crack-filling process. The final step in pavement maintenance is the application of asphalt sealcoating. Summer guarantees the ideal temperature of over 50F for asphalt sealcoating.

2. Better Weather Avoids Delays

Indianapolis winters tend to be long and cold, with a risk of snow. As a result, it can lead to delays caused by scheduled pavement repairs. The warm summers reduce the risk of weather delays while also providing optimized temperatures allowing asphalt to harden with limited exposure to moisture. 

3. Cold Weather Impacts the Bonding of Materials

Cold weather can alter cooling rates in the asphalt process, which can impact the quality of the repairs. If this happens, the quality of the bond is compromised. For example, crack-filling material requires an edge-to-edge bond to ensure a watertight seal. Hot asphalt also absorbs sealants more efficiently, dries faster, and properly bonds to the pavement.

4. Parking Pavement is Ready for Traffic Faster in Warm Weather

As mentioned above, warm asphalt allows the seal coat to absorb quickly and dry faster.  Also, once repaired potholes are smoothed by our EverLine team, the surface is ready for traffic within 30 minutes. This reduces inconvenience for your customers, tenants, staff, or visitors.

5. Enhanced Parking Lot Durability and Longevity

Without asphalt sealcoating, your pavement will experience costly premature cracking, fading, and potholes. It is an essential tool to protect parking lot pavements, repelling water, limiting the damage caused by UV rays, and preventing erosion. Engine fluid, oil, chemicals, salt, and moisture cause pavement erosion limiting pavement durability and longevity. Summer asphalt sealcoating ensures durability and longevity with a solid protective seal. You’ll also find infrared asphalt repairs and crack filling creates smoother results, meaning the repairs last longer.

6. Improved Accessibility

Having a crew working on your site can make the area less accessible for customers. Equipment blocks views and increases noise levels, making it more difficult for vehicles and pedestrians to use your parking lot. Shutdowns also interfere with accessibility while work is being conducted. 

Because summer maintenance speeds up the process, you can ensure your parking lot is accessible most of the day. For most repairs, you can have our EverLine team start maintenance before business hours begin and have your parking lot ready for higher traffic flow as the busiest time of day begins!

7. Cost Savings and Avoidance of Significant Repairs

Using infrared asphalt repair during the summer is cost-effective, only requiring a team of two and repurposing existing asphalt to refill the hole and level out the surface. Summer parking lot maintenance also prepares the surface for the harsh winter ahead. Winter increases the risk of damage due to the freeze and thaw process and requires the application of sand or salt to help improve pavement traction. 

Your summer maintenance ensures your pavement is optimized to avoid damage caused during the winter months. Crack filling also creates a watertight seal, preventing further water penetration, pavement deterioration, and potholes so you avoid costly major repairs down the road.

Choose EverLine Indy for Your Summer Pavement Maintenance

As you can see, summer pavement maintenance offers the perfect weather for quick work, superior bonding, cost efficiency, and improved durability for longer-lasting results that save money in the long run.

Your parking lot can be transformed with the help of EverLine Coatings‘ crack-filling, infrared repair, and asphalt sealcoating services. Contact us today!

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