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Concrete Sealing in Northwest Chicago

Give your concrete a strong defense. EverLine Coatings can seal your concrete lots, protecting them from freeze-thaw cycles and other damage.

Increase the Lifespan of Your Concrete with EverLine Coating and Services

Your concrete parking lot or other concrete surfaces are crucial to your Northwest Chicago business operations. Whether serving as walkways or parking lots, maintaining them is of the utmost importance. However, the weather in our windy city is particularly known for its harsh winters that can spell trouble for your concrete.  

EverLine Coatings takes the hassle out of concrete maintenance with concrete sealing services. By applying sealants to your concrete, you’ll keep pesky moisture out and save the surface from freeze-thaw cycles. 

Ensure Your Northwest Chicago Concrete Will Last With Concrete Sealing Services

Concrete may be a go-to material for durable surfaces, but without the proper maintenance, it won’t last as long as it could. Concrete sealing is often the first step to keep your parking lot or other concrete surface in good condition. 

Generally speaking, most concrete parking lots need to be sealed every two to five years. This helps protect the concrete against water penetration, wear and tear and other factors that could erode or weaken it and lead to costly damage down the road.

Concrete may be strong, but it’s also porous. It’s easy to stain and a myriad of factors outside of your control can wear away at it over time. You aren’t able to control the weather or whether someone spills oil on your concrete parking lot. However, you can control whether you’ve given your concrete the best defense against damage.

Investing in regular concrete sealing with EverLine Coatings helps you prolong your parking lot’s lifespan. When we seal your lot, you’ll rest easy knowing that you’ve improved your pavement’s lifespan while also boosting curb appeal. Even better, you reduce the frequency and costs associated with maintenance and repairs.

What Wears on Concrete Over Time?

Every two to five years, you should reseal your concrete surfaces. Of course, this is just an estimate—and a pretty wide one at that. The exact frequency depends a lot more on the condition of your concrete and the factors that are actively wearing against it. The following factors can all accelerate how frequently you need to seal your concrete:

Concrete surfaces

should be sealed

every 2–5 years. 


All sorts of factors surrounding climate can affect the integrity of your concrete parking lot. In areas with high sunlight, the exposure to ultraviolet rays can cause deterioration. Likewise, those in areas that see significant freeze-thaw cycling, like northwest Chicago, may want to seal more frequently. As moisture penetrates the concrete and freezes, it can lead to cracking and costly replacements. Quality concrete sealing can prevent this.


Generally, parking lots with high traffic see more general wear and tear. As the surface deteriorates, you’ll need to replace the sealant to keep your concrete protected.

Sealer Type

Different sealants can vary in the amount of protection they offer. While options such as acrylic, epoxy and penetrating sealants exist, the right one depends on other factors. 

Sealer Quality

Like the type of sealant you’ve chosen, the quality will also play a big role in determining how frequently you need to reapply it. High-quality sealants tend to allow for longer periods between reapplications. Conversely, budget-friendly options often don’t last as long. While they’re more affordable up front, you may end up spending more over time than if you’d simply gone with the higher-quality option the first time.


How frequently do you maintain your parking lot and concrete surfaces? Do you regularly pressure wash to remove oil stains? With regular maintenance, the integrity of the sealant is often extended. Even if damage does arise with maintenance, you’ll notice cracks, stains or other issues much sooner and can treat them immediately rather than letting them get worse.

Protect Your Parking Lot With the Right Kind of Concrete Sealant

Choosing between penetrating or surface sealants depends a lot on your use scenario.

Penetrating Concrete Sealants

Penetrating sealants work by infiltrating concrete surfaces and bonding to them. The sealants keep moisture out while also maintaining the normal appearance of the concrete. Ideally, these would be applied to all exterior concrete surfaces that face harsh weather conditions. 

Surface Concrete Sealants

Surface sealants work by creating a layer over the top of the parking lot or other concrete surface. They create a protective film across the surface and are commonly used on interior concrete floors or to create a decorative effect.

Our Concrete Repair Work

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Keep Your Concrete in Pristine Condition for Longer With EverLine Coatings

Your northwest Chicago parking lot is one of the biggest investments you’ll make in your business. Unfortunately, it’s one prone to degrade over time without the right maintenance. EverLine Coatings can keep your concrete looking its best, and more importantly, protected. Contact us today for a quote!