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Transforming a Working Truck Stop with Precision Line Striping & Custom Stenciling

See how we solved parking challenges and enhanced Boise Stage Stop with precise line striping and custom stenciling.

We are thrilled to share the transformation of Boise Stage Stop, a bustling truck stop in Boise, ID, that needed a fresh look to attract buyers. Our client faced a critical obstacle as they prepared to sell their facility—the need for all stall lines to be repainted, catering to both vehicles and semi-trucks. Additionally, they required added rows of semi-truck stalls and had specific handicap stenciling requirements for accessibility.

Boise Stage Stop selected EverLine Coatings for their project for several reasons. Our fast response time, innovative and interactive proposal, multiple site visits to confirm the scope of work, and competitive pricing demonstrated our dedication to delivering top-notch results.

Everline Boise Truck Stop Line Striping

Seamless Work Amidst an Active Truck Stop

To address the client’s challenges effectively, we provided two key services:

1. Parking Lot Line Striping:

Working closely with Boise Stage Stop, we first assessed the situation and found there were no stall lines left for the semi-trucks. We originally planned to paint 64 stalls (two rows of 32), but after thorough site visits, we added an additional 20 stalls (two rows of ten). The total number of stalls for this project reached 84. In the end, we applied nearly 17,000 linear feet of line striping, ensuring clear and visually appealing definitions.

2. Custom Stenciling:

Understanding the importance of compliance and accessibility, we applied a total of 11 handicap stencils, including eight for semi-trucks and three for cars. Additionally, we included two e-car stencils, further supporting the needs of Boise Stage Stop and their customers. What truly sets this project apart is the cooperation and careful planning required to complete the work seamlessly. Given that Boise Stage Stop is an active and productive truck stop, we worked closely with the manager to minimize disruption. By starting our day early and strategically working around the vehicle and semi-truck areas, we allowed customers to access the property throughout the entire day. We successfully finished the entire project in just one day, demonstrating our commitment to efficiency and respecting the needs of our clients.

A 5 Star Review

Despite the scorching August heat, we worked tirelessly to ensure a successful outcome. The customer was not only pleased but left us a five-star review. They expressed their satisfaction by saying, “EverLine Coatings showed up very early, worked hard all day to finish the project, and I am so pleased with the outcome.”

Ready to enhance your property’s appeal with expert line striping and custom stenciling? Contact EverLine Coatings today to discuss how we can transform your parking lot and solve any challenges you may be facing. Our team of professionals is committed to delivering exceptional quality and outstanding customer satisfaction. Because at EverLine, it’s all about making your job easier while delivering top-notch results.

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