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EverLine Works Traffic Painting Magic on a Boise Loading Dock

Discover how EverLine Coatings transformed an industrial parking lot and dock from dull to vivid with custom stenciling and speed bump services.

Faded Paint Spelled Trouble For This Boise Business 

Norco’s high-volume parking lot naturally sees a lot of traffic. Unfortunately, painted areas in high-traffic areas tend to fade and chip away quickly. Norco’s Boise parking lot was no exception. All that wear and tear left it in desperate need of some professional attention. Specifically, the curbs and speed bumps were no longer as bright as they once were. Likewise, the loading dock was suffering from some pretty extensive rust and wear and tear. 

After numerous conversations between the Operations Manager and our President, we came up with an extensive game plan to get the parking lot back up and running as quickly as possible.

Before After Before Boise industrial warehouse loading dock traffic markingsBoise industrial warehouse loading dock traffic markings

Transforming Parking Lots is What EverLine Does Best

Our strategy to transform this Boise lot was simple. The speed bumps and curbing got much-needed new coats of yellow traffic paint for increased visibility Likewise, applying custom stop stencils in yellow helped manage the flow of traffic throughout the parking lot to improve safety and productivity.

After finishing work on the parking lot, we made our way to the loading dock. This area needed a lot of attention to restore it, but not even the several hundred feet of rusted steel was enough to deter us from our mission. After grinding the dock back down to the metal, we had to prime it to ensure long-lasting results. Our primer of choice? Pro Industrial Pro-Cryl, which prepared the docking for our final painting. After applying high-gloss latex paint with our custom stencils and letting it dry, the loading dock was ready to go.

Great Results Create Happy Clients

At the end of the project, we weren’t the only ones thrilled with the results. We received glowing feedback from our client. They noted that our professionalism throughout the project, as well as our follow-up to ensure they were pleased with the final results, was greatly appreciated. Even better, they informed us that they’d be in touch for any future projects that arise.

If your parking lot could use the same TLC we gave Norco’s, contact us today.

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