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Revitalizing Neglected Asphalt and Curbing for El Dorado Condos in Boise, ID

Witness the incredible renewal of El Dorado Condos as EverLine Coatings revamped asphalt and curbing in Boise, ID for a stunning transformation.

When El Dorado Condos’ Homeowners Association (HOA) contacted us, they were facing numerous challenges with their property. The asphalt, spanning over 110,000 square feet, was in poor shape, riddled with alligator cracking. Additionally, the curbing had accumulated years of paint buildup from repeated repainting over the past 50 years. The HOA also needed additional red curb painting to meet fire codes, create more parking spaces for owners, and address some pothole repairs and sealcoating.

The HOA President became our valued partner throughout this project. We visited the property multiple times, providing recommendations and even referring them to an asphalt paving company for a larger-scale redo. However, given the significant cost of replacing the entire asphalt, we collaborated with the HOA President to develop a customized proposal that fit their budget. To showcase the benefits of our services, we offered one free infrared (IR) patch, a new service in Boise, allowing them to witness the exceptional results before deciding if they wanted more in the future.

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Delivering End-to-End Solutions with Line Striping, Asphalt Repair, & More

The property presented challenges with only two entrances, one of which was gated, allowing for only one vehicle at a time. To ensure a smooth operation, we worked closely with the HOA President to communicate with the owners, providing clear updates on the work being completed and the scheduled days for each phase. Here is what we did:

  1. Parking Lot Line Striping: We restored clarity to the parking lot layout, optimizing the use of available space.
  2. Crack Filling: All perimeter cracking, particularly the alligator cracking, was expertly filled to contain further deterioration.
  3. Infrared Pothole Repairs: Our advanced IR technology efficiently resolved potholes, ensuring a smooth surface.
  4. Sealcoating: The entire property, spanning 109,495 square feet, was sealcoated for enhanced protection and aesthetics.
  5. Custom Stenciling: We added custom stencils to highlight corner entrance/exit areas, ensuring safety and clear traffic management.
  6. Speed Bumps: Existing speed bumps were refreshed, providing effective traffic calming measures.


In addition to these services, we power washed the curbs to remove the years of paint buildup, covering 8,500 linear feet. To maintain cleanliness during the project, we engaged a professional sweeper service, covering an expansive area of 109,495 square feet. We also painted 2,452 linear feet of red curb and strategically optimized the line spacing to create 2 motorcycle stalls, 1 compact car stall, and approximately 6 new car stalls within the existing footprint. 

The most demanding phase was the three days of sealcoating, as we had to ensure that no cars were parked in the areas undergoing work. Fortunately, the HOA President served as an invaluable advocate during this process, managing and informing the owners, ensuring a successful outcome.

Recognized Excellence and Transformation

Throughout the project, we received numerous compliments from homeowners regarding the quality and transformative impact of our work. One homeowner even expressed their satisfaction, stating that our work exceeded their expectations compared to the company that had previously conducted maintenance on the property.

Although the HOA President had to temporarily leave before the project’s completion, upon their return, they expressed their utmost admiration for the finished project and made a point to highlight the exceptional work carried out by our team, specifically mentioning the contributions of Ellis and our dedicated crew.

“EverLine Coatings is phenomenal. Working with Amanda, Michael, and Ellis was a pleasure. Their knowledge, skills, and abilities are outstanding. Our HOA contracted their services for cleaning, crack filling, sealcoating, fire lane painting, and restricting the private road in our condominium complex. Their communication and coordination was excellent. They were attentive to the needs of our residents and we were able to successfully complete the project on schedule for a very reasonable cost. We couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Highly recommend EverLine Coatings.”


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