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Enhancing Efficiency and Safety at a Caldwell Warehouse Distribution Center with Floor Markings

EverLine Coatings Boise provided customized and effective solutions for Capitol Distributing’s warehouse floor markings, enhancing efficiency and safety.

For this project, we had the privilege of working with Capitol Distributing, a bustling interior warehouse distribution center located in Caldwell, ID. This company faced a common yet critical issue – the need for clearly marked walkways that could withstand the high level of forklift activity within their busy warehouse. They had used other companies, but traditional paint and tape solutions simply fell short, unable to endure the constant wear and tear caused by the demanding environment. That changed when they chose EverLine Coatings Boise!

EverLine Boise resurfaces Distribution Center's warehouse floor and does interior line markings

Tailored Solutions for Lasting Results

Working closely with Shawn, Capitol Distributing’s facilities manager, we analyzed their requirements and set out to provide alternative solutions that would meet their specific needs. Encouraging collaboration and innovation, we proposed a unique approach that would surpass the limitations of traditional methods.

Introducing Heavy-Duty Warehouse Floor Markings

Rather than resorting to conventional paint or tape, we collaborated with a trusted provider to offer customized, heavy-duty footprint floor markings. These durable markers were meticulously taped on, ensuring clear and visible paths throughout the warehouse. To address any potential damage caused by forklifts, we provided 100 additional replacement footprints, enabling Shawn and his team to easily replace any markings as needed!

Customer Satisfaction at Its Finest

At EverLine Coatings Boise, customer satisfaction is our top priority. We take immense pride in exceeding our clients’ expectations. Shawn’s feedback reflects the success of our collaboration: “They are actually holding up better than expected with the amount of traffic. I just replace the ones that get mangled week to week.”

We understand the challenges property and business owners face in optimizing their facilities. With a focus on efficiency and top-notch results, we strive to make your job easier by providing durable solutions that withstand the demands of your industry.

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