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Custom Line Striping and Stenciling Helped a Nampa Business Open Without a Hitch

Discover how EverLine Coatings saved the day when a Nampa business needed quick line striping solutions in its brand-new parking lot.

New Parking Lots Mean New Line Striping Needs

Play-It-Again Sports in Nampa faced bureaucratic red tape in finalizing bank financing and occupancy permits when its brand-new parking lot lacked line striping. Fortunately, their paving company, Capital Paving, knew just who to call. They recommended us for all of Play-It-Again Sports’ parking lot needs. After coordinating the project, we had the perfect solution.

Before After Before Nampa parking lot line striping & custom stencilingNampa parking lot line striping & custom stenciling

Custom Parking Lot Line Striping and Stenciling to the Rescue

The project was straightforward: our client needed parking lot line striping and custom stenciling to ensure not only that their lot is safe to navigate, but also ADA-compliant. With our technical know-how, we recommended adding four additional stall lines and shifted the ADA layout. This slight alteration helped us better match the curb ramp with the ADA spaces.

In all, we completed 43 stall lines, with two ADA-compliant stalls. We also added a cross hatch to further align with ADA standards. The result was a beautiful parking lot ready for business.

EverLine Coatings: Creating Great Results Every Time

Play-It-Again Sports was thrilled with the final results. They thanked us for getting the work done and emphasized that it looked great. We were just as happy with our end product.

We can transform your Boise area commercial parking lot just like we did for Play-It-Again Sports. With our wide range of parking lot services, from line striping and custom stenciling to asphalt repair services, we’re your go-to team whether your job is large or small. Contact us today for a free quote and let us create a parking lot you can be proud of.

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