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How Line Striping Makes Your Loading Dock Safer for Everyone

How Line Striping Makes Your Loading Dock Safer

Loading docks get so much use that it’s important to make this vital area of your commercial property safe, clearly marked and easy to navigate. And if you’ve ever seen things go wrong in a loading dock (and they do!), then you already know the value of taking steps to make the area run smoothly. 

But did you know that the right navigation markings on your pavement accomplish a lot more than preventing costly accidents? It’s true — bright, lasting line striping also makes things move quicker, helps trucks unload faster, protects your workers, and makes your business run smoother

You get so much value out of line striping your loading dock. Here’s why.

A Lack of Safety Marks Can Cause a Host of Safety Issues 

Before we get into talking about all the benefits of adding line striping to your loading docks, let’s look at what goes wrong when your work areas aren’t properly set up for safety.

Unmarked Areas Are Confusing to Maneuver 

When your dock and loading area has rough, unmarked pavement, it becomes a challenge for delivery truck drivers to maneuver safely. They may be unsure of where exactly to park, and it’ll be hard for them to line their truck up with the dock. 

They’ll be forced to eyeball their parking job, which isn’t easy in a crowded space with a long truck bed. They’ll have to back in and out several times before they get it right.

Time Gets Wasted—and a Busy Dock Has to Slow Down 

Without proper pavement markings and other signage and guides to smooth out the process, the simple act of parking and unloading becomes a lot more complicated. Your employees will end up wasting a lot of time as they wait idly for the delivery to be ready for them to unload.

Your vendors will also spend more time than is ideal for their schedule, as they will probably be waiting on fellow vendors to finish. You’ll have a line at your dock that frustrates everyone.

Accidents Are More Likely—and Liability Increases 

As truck drivers struggle to align their vehicles at the dock, the chances that an accident can occur will increase. Between having to back in at odd angles and having blind spots around their truck beds, many things can go wrong.

Simply look at OSHA reports for businesses with loading docks and you’ll see a range of awful, costly injuries to people, like fractured legs or arms from being struck or falling, getting pinned between the dock and a truck, and worse.

Damage can happen to equipment too, of course — such as trucks crashing into the loading dock, hitting other vehicles, or running over equipment.

Line Striping Makes Your Loading Area Safer and More Efficient 

These safety and efficiency issues can be solved by adding navigation and safety markings on your asphalt and concrete. When your loading dock is clearly marked, your whole operation will run more efficiently.

Easy for Vendors to Know Where to Go 

With vibrant, clearly marked line striping, delivery drivers won’t have to wonder where to park or guesstimate where you want them. They’ll know for sure, and it’ll be easy for them to use the visual guides to line their trucks up and park so you can get busy loading and unloading for them.

Fast, Efficient Work Area for Everyone Involved 

As trucks and workers line up quickly and easily, the actual work of your business can get underway more swiftly. Not only is this good for your bottom-line productivity, but it also helps keep your dock area a happier place—filled with workers who aren’t frustrated by long delays that put them under pressure.

This swift efficiency benefits vendors as well, who can relax knowing they’ll be on time for their next delivery because yours was so simple and straightforward.

Better Safety and Greater Peace of Mind  

Clear pavement lines and navigational markings greatly reduce the likelihood of mishaps caused by confusion and heavy traffic. When everyone — pedestrians and drivers alike — know where they’re supposed to be, then they’ll also know where not to go.

You won’t have workers standing in the wrong places, or trucks driving crookedly and coming into the loading docks at dangerous angles. Employees will be much less likely to sustain injuries on the job, and property is less likely to be accidentally damaged. This reduces repair costs, downtime, liability risks, and much more.

A More Lasting Solution with TBL Durables   

Won’t you have to paint your lines every few months? When it comes to line striping, our team exclusively offers the top-performing, longest-lasting solution on the market with TBL Durables. This revolutionary, industry-leading brand of line paint lasts 2-4 times longer than other traffic paints, dries within 5-10 minutes to a vibrant finish, and requires less frequent maintenance—so you earn 20-30% more in your return on investment.

Make Your Property’s Pavement Easy and Safe to Navigate   

Why put up with an inefficient, backlogged, unsafe dock and loading zone when you can have a smooth, clearly marked work area that employees and vendors find it easy to work in. (And your bottom-line profits will love it too!)

Learn more about the ways unique, lasting pavement line striping from EverLine Coatings and Services will give you the safe and attractive concrete and asphalt you deserve.

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