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TBL Durables in
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Your Southwest Florida parking lot line striping doesn’t have to wear out quickly. TBL Durables last 2-4x longer than ordinary traffic paint.

Minimize Yearly Maintenance for Your Southwest Florida Property

TBL DurablesAs soon as people drive up to your Southwest Florida business, they make a snap judgment based on the condition of your parking lot. It’s especially true in the booming tourism and hospitality industry, but the conditions of your parking lot matter whether you manage a government property or an educational institution.

Having a pristine, perfectly striped parking lot for longer than a few weeks doesn’t have to feel like a pipe dream. We’ll make it a reality with TBL Durables. This alternative coating can help you save between 20 and 30% during its lifespan compared to the cost of traditional traffic paint during the same amount of time!

Compared to Competitors, TBL Durables Wins Every Time

It’s not unusual for conventional traffic paints to start to fade after just months of use. In fact, in heavy-traffic areas, your lines could need to be reapplied as frequently as every six months. While ordinary traffic paints tend to be cheaper, there’s no denying that the results are lacking in the longevity department. That’s why we recommend investing in TBL Durables if you prefer results that last in your Southwest Florida parking lot or outdoor space.

TBL Durables provide up to three years of long-lasting, clear line markings that will stand up to heavy traffic. EverLine Coatings is the only company in North America licensed to apply this high-quality, durable coating. If you want to say goodbye to restriping your parking lot once or twice per year, say hello to TBL Durables.

 Oil BasedWater BasedTBL DURABLES©
Life Expectancy1 YearLess than a year3 Years
CostBenchmark CostMore than BenchmarkLess than Benchmark
VOC Rating – g/L48015050
Dry Time5-8 Minutes60-120 Minutes5-8 Minutes
Temperature Requirement37F50F14F
Risk of Paint SpreadingLowHighLow

Skip the Annual Line Striping with TBL Durables

Other traffic paints can hardly compare to TBL Durables, especially in terms of longevity. When you invest in this premier traffic coating, you know that you’re getting results that’ll keep up with even the busiest of traffic.

Get Results That Last When EverLine Coatings Applies TBL Durables to Your SW Florida Parking Lot

As a busy property manager, your hands are full enough without worrying about frequent line striping. From scheduling to organizing the whole project, it’s a lot to juggle. We’re here to help. When you partner with EverLine Coatings, we coordinate your entire project, start to finish and you’re left with results that not only meet, but exceed expectations.

When we’re done with your parking lot, you’ll be left with crisp, clean lines and an organized layout that showcases your meticulous attention to detail when it comes to running your business. If our stencils don’t perfectly align with your current layout, we’ll even black out the old lines for striking results that really stand out.

Ready for your crisp parking lot lines with TBL Durables? Contact us today for your free estimate!

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