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Concrete Sealing in Southeast Florida

Southeast Florida parking lots face a lot of wear and tear from UV rays and rain. Concrete sealing can provide extra protection.

Extend the Life of Your Southeast Florida Concrete with High Quality Sealing

Your Southeast Florida business requires a lot of upkeep. One part that may go neglected or unnoticed is the parking lot. Unfortunately, minor damage can often be prevented or repaired, but as damage grows, so too do the costs of repairing it. The sun and rain that Southeast Florida gets can wreak havoc on the integrity of your concrete. 

EverLine Coatings has a simple solution that can reduce the risk of damage from traffic or the elements. Concrete sealing is a simple process that helps shield your parking lot. 

Concrete Sealing Maintains Your Parking Lot

Concrete sealing helps to keep a parking lot looking pristine year after year, protecting against wear and tear that can spell trouble for your concrete. By preventing moisture from seeping into your concrete when it rains, you help prevent cracks that can really mar your beautiful storefront.

As a property manager in Florida SE, you understand the value of clean, smooth concrete in front of your business. When you trust EverLine Coatings with your concrete sealing, you’ll maintain the aesthetic appeal and structural integrity your business needs. The result? Higher curb appeal and long-term cost benefits as you minimize the need for repairs.

How Often Should Your Parking Lot Be Sealed?

Concrete surfaces

should be sealed

every 2–5 years. 

You should plan to seal your parking lot every two to five years. This is a wide range for a reason—the exact frequency depends on numerous factors, including:

  • Climate: Areas that receive harsher weather conditions often need more frequent sealing. In Florida SE, your concrete is likely faced with heavy UV exposure, as well as heavy rains and humidity. UV exposure can damage polymers and bond chains that comprise concrete, leading to cracking and spalling. Rainwater can also penetrate the concrete, especially in cracks, which can further damage it.
  • Traffic: High-traffic areas naturally receive more wear and tear. If your concrete parking lot bustles with activity, you’ll need to seal it more frequently to keep it protected.
  • Type of Sealer: Different types of concrete sealers require different application frequencies. Some sealers are meant to provide longer-lasting protection than others based on manufacturer recommendations. 
  • Sealer Quality: Like the type, the quality of the sealer you choose to have applied determines how long it’ll last. High-quality sealers tend to last longer between sealings, potentially saving money in the long run. You might avoid short-term costs with a cheaper sealer, but you’ll have to reapply it more often.
  • Maintenance: How you maintain your parking lot can also affect the frequency of resealing. When you maintain it well, promptly repairing cracks or other issues, you can reduce how frequently you need to seal it.

Choosing the Right Concrete Sealant For Your Parking Lot

Most commonly, we seal concrete with penetrating or surface sealants. Each comes with its own advantages and use scenarios.

Penetrating sealants are made with silane and siloxane. As the name implies, they penetrate the concrete’s pores, bonding with the concrete to prevent moisture and deicing chemicals from entering the concrete and threatening its structure. However, it’s typically recommended to wait until the concrete has had a chance to fully cure (28 days) before applying it. 

Surface sealants work by creating a protective film across the top of your concrete. They’re usually reserved for interior concrete floors or decorative concrete work. 

Our Concrete Repair Work

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Invest In Your Florida SE Concrete Maintenance With EverLine Coatings

Sealing your Florida SE parking lot helps protect it against moisture penetration, traffic, and UV rays. If you want to extend your parking lot’s life span, this is one of the best ways to make it happen. EverLine Coatings is committed to ensuring you’re fully satisfied with the completed job, and we’ll do a full evaluation to be sure you get what you paid for.

If you’re ready to invest in your concrete’s integrity, reach out today for a free quote.

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