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Precision and Patience Enhance Safety at a Food Distribution Center in South Orlando

Learn how EverLine Coatings improved safety and order in a South Orlando food distributor’s warehouse with expert interior line painting and floor markings.

Enhancing Safety and Order in a Busy Distribution Center

A confidential food distributor in South Orlando, Florida, faced challenges creating order within their food distribution center. They needed to separate general vehicle and pedestrian traffic while regulating forklift movements to enhance safety and efficiency.

The client chose EverLine Coatings because of extreme disappointment when previous contractors failed to meet their expectations. They appreciated our professionalism, from the initial scheduling to the quote process and follow-up conversations. Working with a licensed and insured company only improved their impression of us, and they liked that we could support additional needs beyond this project. Our affiliation with a larger network that could provide support to other facilities was also a significant factor in their decision.

Interior line marking services for a food distribution center in South Orlando

Comprehensive Interior Line Painting and Floor Markings

EverLine Coatings provided interior line painting and warehouse floor markings. The project focused on creating drive lanes for forklift and equipment traffic and pedestrian walk lanes, running the full length of the building.

Working in a 24/7 cold storage facility posed challenges, as we had a narrow window of time in which to work—from Saturday afternoons to Sunday mornings when the personnel count and impact to the food being stored was at its lowest. The facility had to be warmed up overnight to meet temperature requirements for product application.

Exceeding Expectations Despite Tight Restrictions

The customer was very pleased with the outcome, which exceeded their expectations. They had no initial design in mind, so we worked with them to flesh out potential options to create a desirable end result. Our effort and patience were greatly appreciated.

Despite numerous delays due to the facility’s continuous operations, we found ways to work around their schedule. On our third visit, after two weeks of preparation, we completed the work with a continuous cycle of shifts lasting nearly 18 hours on-site. The customer praised our ability to deliver high-quality results under such challenging conditions. Let us know if we can help you with your facility needs. Contact us today for a free quote!

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