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Sports Court Line Painting & Resurfacing in Jacksonville

Does your Jacksonville, FL sports court look worn, faded, chipped, or cracked? EverLine’s sports court surfacing and resurfacing services can restore it.

EverLine's Sports Court Surfacing

With almost a million Jacksonville residents, sports are incredibly popular here. Athletes of all types abound, so whether you own or manage a tennis, pickleball, or basketball court, people are sure to be interested. That’s why it’s vital that your court is free of bumps and cracks, and has bright, clear lines. If you’re interested in taking your sports court to the next level, EverLine’s sports court surfacing services can help!

Why Sports Court Surfacing And Resurfacing Is Important

It’s natural for a sports court to wear down over time, and for lines to fade and cracks to appear. However, this makes the court look unappealing, and faded lanes can make playing any game more difficult. Cracks and chips can also cause injuries and accidents, exposing you to potential legal costs. Our surfacing services offer you a cost-effective way to repair your sports court, without having to replace the entire thing.

Sports courts refinished by EverLine

Our Thorough Process

When you choose a full resurfacing from EverLine, we begin by fixing any cracked or chipped areas. We then apply a layer of a premium acrylic coating that protects your court in the long term, before applying 1-2 vibrant, long-lasting layers of your chosen colors. Next, our crew will paint crisp, clear court lines that make playing any game fun and easy. 

We end the project with an optional layer of a clear UV protection coating, which protects your court from the hot Florida sun. We can create court layouts for a range of games and uses, and also offer a variety of colors to suit every business need. The average court is ready to use in as little as 4-5 days.

Everline Basketball court refinishing
Everline Tennis Court Refinishing

Why Choose EverLine For Sports Court Servicing

At EverLine, we have a deep technical understanding of different products and techniques, and build out detailed specifications for every project to ensure your results are exactly what you hoped for. We use only the best products and techniques, so that your new basketball or tennis court lasts as long as possible, even in the hot Florida weather. We take pride in our work, making sure that every sports court we create has the right lines and texture, and we’ll work with you to figure out what your unique needs are. Every project ends with a full evaluation, complete with before and after photos, to ensure you got exactly what you paid for.

Jacksonville’s Top Choice for Basketball & Tennis Court Servicing

Jacksonville is a special place to many types of people, and whether you’re into sandy beaches, quirky museums, fantastic food, or incredible fishing, there’s something for everyone. People here love to have fun, and sports is a big part of that. By getting your sports court resurfaced by EverLine, you can ensure that your facility lives up to the high standards of this fantastic city, and is a safe and fun place for people to play. It’ll also take a weight off your mind, allowing you to focus on tasks other than sports court maintenance. If you’re interested, get in touch with EverLine Jacksonville for a free quote!

Indoor basketball court painted by EverLine

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