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Improving Distribution Center Safety With Warehouse Floor Markings

Discover how our warehouse floor markings and concrete sealing on Jacksonville’s Grainger Distribution Center helped improve employee safety.

Peeling Paint Poses a Big Problem in the Grainger Distribution Center

If you manage a warehouse or distribution center, you know how important employee safety is. Part of that involves keeping all walkways clearly marked and free from trip hazards.

The Grainger Distribution Center in Jacksonville knew they had to act quickly when paint started coming up on one of their safety walk lanes for employees. When they reached out to us about the project, our experience in warehouse floor markings really won them over. Plus, we could best meet their budget and needs compared to our competitors.

Grainger distribution center enhanced with warehouse floor markings in Jacksonville

Warehouse Floor Markings—Safety First

Our task was simple. We had to seal their concrete to ensure it remained in good condition. From there, we needed to make sure the area was easily navigable. To achieve this, we applied interior line painting directly to their warehouse floor. Such floor markings are particularly advantageous in distribution centers as they clearly define safe, walkable areas and can help reduce the risk of accidents.

Disaster Averted with Jacksonville's EverLine Coatings & Services

Once we completed the task, we were met with an overwhelmingly positive reaction. The fact that we got the job done during their shutdown added to their satisfaction since they didn’t have to factor in an extra day to close down while we worked our magic.

If your Jacksonville commercial property doesn’t already have floor markings, you could be missing opportunities to improve safety and reduce liability. Contact us today for a free quote and learn how our warehouse floor marking services can help. 

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