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Target's Long-Lasting Drive-Up Stalls Made Possible by TBL Durables

Traffic paint fades quickly, especially in busy retail parking lots. Learn how we transformed South Denver’s Target’s drive-up stalls with TBL Durables.

Parking Lot Wear and Tear Strikes in South Denver 

Any business in a major metro area that receives high traffic knows the struggle of keeping parking lot line striping vibrant. When lines start to fade, they lose their effectiveness as people try to interpret them. Ordinary traffic paint can need to be reapplied every several months in high-traffic areas. 

At Target, one of the highest-traffic areas is the drive-up stalls for picking up curbside orders. Unfortunately, that means these areas tend to fade quickly when ordinary paint is applied. The South Denver location faced this issue, along with 14 other Targets across the state of Colorado, but luckily they knew who to call. Target has a national account with EverLine, trusting us across the country to keep its asphalt looking its best.

Before After Before South Denver's Target parking lot line striping with TBL DurablesSouth Denver's Target parking lot line striping with TBL Durables

Staving Off Fading Parking Lot Lines With TBL Durables

Of course, we had a simple solution to the fading lines. TBL Durables, our premier traffic coating, lasts two to three times longer than ordinary traffic paint, even under high-traffic conditions. 

The trick here was ensuring we covered up the previous drive-up markings with black paint. This helps our final job really stand out and improves the quality of our work. Once they were blacked out, we reapplied the previous layout with red TBL Durables. To further improve efficiency in the area, we applied our no-parking stencil in the hatched areas to ensure they stood out.

This process was completed across a grand total of 15 Targets in Colorado. And now, thanks to us, they can rest easy knowing that their drive-up areas won’t fade as quickly.

Another Job Well Done

Upon completing our work, we got a stamp of approval from the property managers. Most frequently, we saw them thrilled that the new lines would last twice as long as the previous markings. After all, that longevity means less work on their part in the long run.

Is your South Denver parking lot looking a little worse for wear? Would you like to say goodbye to frequent traffic paint applications? Contact us today for a free quote and learn how our TBL Durables can benefit you.

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