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EverLine Coatings Enhances Bear Valley's Courts for Basketball and Pickleball

See how EverLine Coatings transformed an outdoor space into vibrant recreational areas with custom sport court striping in Denver, CO.

Our recent project in Denver, Colorado, involved the striping of a sports court in the beautiful Bear Valley area. The client faced the challenge of creating a versatile recreational area for their condo complex. With new asphalt laid down, they needed expert assistance to enhance the space and optimize its usage for both basketball and pickleball.

When selecting a contractor for their project, the client chose EverLine Coatings South Denver due to our specialization in line striping. Our reputation for delivering high-quality results and our deep understanding of the unique requirements of sport court striping made us the clear choice.

Basketball court and pickle ball courts for this Denver South business

Precise Custom Stenciling for Basketball & Pickleball Courts

To meet the client’s needs, we provided custom stenciling services that transformed the sports court into an organized and visually appealing space. For the basketball court, we created a new layout, including essential markings such as the jump circle, out of bounds lines, and a high school 3-point line. On the other side, we painted two pickleball courts to the precise dimensions outlined by USA Pickleball specifications.

To maintain consistency and adhere to industry standards, we utilized a stencil for the basketball court and a line taper for the pickleball court. This ensured that all lines were painted at a precise and uniform width of 2 inches, guaranteeing an optimal playing experience for athletes of all skill levels.

A Story of Satisfaction and Continued Partnership

Upon completing the project, our work immediately captured the attention of those in the community. As soon as we finished cleaning and opened up the area, a child eagerly walked up to the free throw line and started playing on the freshly painted basketball court. This moment exemplifies the impact that our services have on creating engaging recreational spaces that bring joy and inspire active lifestyles.

The client was highly satisfied with the quality of our work, leading to further opportunities to collaborate at another property they manage.

Through our specialized line striping services, we transform outdoor spaces into functional, visually appealing, and inviting areas for South Denver communities to enjoy. Contact us today to discuss how we can bring your vision to life!

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