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Addressing Home Development Safety in South Denver

Learn how EverLine Coatings provided precise road markings for a new housing development, ensuring safety and client satisfaction.

Building a new neighborhood is a big endeavor, and it requires a lot of collaboration. Our client was in the process of developing a new housing area, but the access road to the new development lacked essential road markings. Without proper lines, the road posed potential safety hazards for both construction crews and future residents. The client chose us for their road marking needs because of our exclusive licensing with TBL Durables. They needed a cost-effective and approved solution, and TBL Durables fit the bill, allowing them to remain in compliance with all necessary regulations.

Line striping for Louisiana Parkway in South Denver

Precision in the Road Marking Process

To address the client’s needs, EverLine provided expert line striping and painting services using TBL Durables. Given the complexity of the project, we had to meticulously plan and coordinate every step.

We collaborated with a surveyor, who laid out guidelines the day before our scheduled work. Additionally, we partnered with a traffic control company to safely close one side of the road at a time, protecting our crew members from incoming and outgoing traffic.

All of this was done after securing the proper permit from the city for the road closure. We ensured the road markings were applied accurately and safely, adhering strictly to the approved site plans.

Delivering Success and Client Happiness

The project’s complexity required adhering to strict timelines to avoid delaying the new construction process. Despite these challenges, we executed the project flawlessly. The client expressed their satisfaction with our services and the high-quality results.

If you need line painting services or other pavement project needs in the South Denver area, contact us today. Let EverLine Coatings enhance the safety and functionality of your roads with our professional services.

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