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How Summer Pothole Repairs in Denver Reduce Parking Lot Hazards

As a Denver property manager or business owner, you know all too well how quickly a simple accident can lead to a costly lawsuit. Potholes and asphalt damage on your property present hazards that increase your risk of vehicle damage and personal injury lawsuits. To help reduce hazards and risk of liabilities, summer pothole repairs help create a safe environment for tenants, customers, staff, and visitors. Here’s why summer pothole repairs are necessary.  

Summer Asphalt Repairs Create Curb Appeal

In the winter, your lot is often covered by snow, which hides the damage and signs of poor maintenance on your property. However, the damage is in full view in the summer, sending the wrong message to customers and tenants. The summer is the time to remove eyesores like potholes and faded parking space lines and create an inviting parking lot that maintains your property value.

Pothole Repairs Work Better in the Summer

Pothole repairs and asphalt work are easier during the summer due to improved weather conditions. When temperatures are low, it takes longer to complete the job, and the risk of snow, rain, freezing, and storms increases the risk of weather-related delays. Cold weather interferes with the process, as the materials must remain warm for proper application. 

When it’s hot in the summer, hot mix asphalt remains pliable, and the heat also helps stabilize the asphalt temperature over the course of the job. Even if you only require asphalt repairs like crack-filling or sealcoating, the application becomes easier when temperatures exceed 50F.  

In the winter, on the other hand, the risk of precipitation, snow, and ice threatens long delays. Although it can rain in the summer, it is far less challenging to contend with as, unlike snow that must melt before work can resume, once the rain dries, the warm summer reheats the pavement so work can begin. This ensures the curing process creates a strong bond with limited moisture or too cool a surface. If the cooling rates in the asphalt process are altered, it impacts the quality, interfering with the edge-to-edge bond required to create a watertight seal.

Summer Pothole Repairs Save Money

When potholes develop, there is likely an issue with water drainage. As a result, failure to repair the potholes in the summer presents a risk of worsening, costly damage. Once the snow and ice melt, you should address pothole and asphalt repairs immediately, or they will continue to erode throughout the summer. Once the cold weather returns, those potholes can become craters or lead to issues like sinkholes that make your parking lot unusable. Cars driving over potholes add to the corrosion and increase the risk of vehicle damage you’ll be liable to repair. Potholes also present hazards for pedestrians, increasing the risk of personal injury lawsuits.

Serve Customers Sooner

As mentioned, summer keeps asphalt warm, so repair materials absorb or dry more quickly. As a result, you can complete repairs in the morning before you open for business. Your newly repaired parking lot is ready for traffic in half an hour (with EverLine).  It’s also more convenient for tenants, as you can inform them of the planned repairs, and they can move their cars either on their way to work or park elsewhere until the repairs are completed.

Summer Pothole Repairs Keep Properties Safe

We’ve mentioned the cost savings related to property safety, but you also must consider your responsibility to your community. The damage caused during the freeze-thaw cycle in the winter creates tripping hazards presented by cracks and serious falls related to deep potholes. You can also create dangers as drivers swerve to avoid potholes, increasing the risk of collisions with pedestrians. Once summer arrives, you can address safety hazards and conduct preventative maintenance and asphalt repairs to avoid significant damage next winter.  

Prolonged Asphalt Durability and ROI

Without summer repairs, your parking lot falls into a worsening state of disrepair year after year. With a preventative summer maintenance schedule, you tackle asphalt repairs and fill potholes in a day. As a result, your parking lot is protected against the damaging UV rays of the summer and water and moisture damage that increases the risk of more potholes forming over the winter. You prolong asphalt durability and improved ROI over the life of your pavement.  

Summer asphalt repairs create an ongoing preventative maintenance strategy to maintain curb appeal and property value, increase safety and enhance the durability and life of your parking lot. 

EverLine Coatings provides Denver asphalt repairs throughout the summer to reduce parking lot hazards. Find out more today!

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