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Parking Lot Line Striping to Improve Appearance and Efficiency at Boulder Embassy Suites Parking Garage

Find out how EverLine upgraded and revitalized a Hilton Garden Inn parking lot in Denver North and Boulder with our parking lot line striping services.

Hilton Garden Inn’s Embassy Suites parking lot had not been restriped for many years, and the client felt that the old lines were faded and worn. Faded lines can make a lot look neglected, and can cause confusion and bottlenecks, so new line striping was important to the client.

The client had a list of requirements for their parking lot, including plenty of parking stalls, ADA stencils, and directional arrows, as well as a range of custom-stenciled designs. They also wanted a layout that took into account that, as well as hotel guests, office tenants such as WeWork also use the parking lot. They chose to work with EverLine Coatings Boulder & North Denver due to our flexible options, requesting that the project be carefully planned to avoid disruption to their business.

Parking lot line striping in Boulder Denver's Hilton Garden Inn

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We carried out a full restripe of the client’s parking lot, making sure there were plenty of parking stalls for Embassy Suites guests and tenant parkers alike. We also created ADA-compliant accessible stalls, navigational arrows to avoid confusion and bottlenecks, hatching, and a range of custom stencils that perfectly suited their business needs. We also replicated the tenants’ own style of stencils to boost their business branding.

Due to the cold winter weather, we had to take extra steps to dry asphalt that was wet due to snow. This ensured the best results for the client.

Joe Steiskal, General Manager of Hilton Garden Inn Embassy Suites, expressed satisfaction with EverLine Coatings’ work through a Google 5-star Review. He described our team as very detailed and flexible and commended us for the quality work stating that the end result was perfect and completed on schedule:

“Stephen and Jacob were excellent from beginning to end. They were understanding of how to work with a business that is open 24/7 and 365. They did a quality job and the end result was perfect. Jacob was very detailed and was able to assist our guests as we had certain sections closed off as we tried to move through the garage. They worked with the elements and best of all finished on schedule and did the work under our budget.”

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The client was pleased with the flexibility of our services and was impressed with our ability to work with a business that was open 24/7. They liked that our employees took the time to help guests and tenant parkers find a place to park when they were working on different sections and that the whole project was planned to avoid disruption where possible. Finally, they were happy that everything ran on schedule, and the final cost was lower than their budget.

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