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Top Reasons Retailers in Colorado Springs Should Invest in Asphalt Crack Filling

As a property manager in Colorado Springs, you know the storefront area carries as much importance as the business inside. You’re competing against the dominating vistas of those western mountains and the abundance of retail options. Proper asphalt maintenance enhances the aesthetic appeal of your retail business and ensures a safe, inviting environment for customers. Addressing issues such as alligator cracking will keep your asphalt surfaces in top shape.

What Asphalt Crack Filling Can Do For Your Colorado Springs Property

A well-maintained parking lot and storefront create a positive first impression. Cracks in your asphalt make your property look neglected and unprofessional. Investing in asphalt crack-filling services significantly improves the visual appeal of your retail business. Smooth, crack-free surfaces reflect the overall quality and care you put into your business, encouraging customers to visit.

Ensure a Safe Environment

Giving back to the military serving on the five installations flanking the city or catering to the over half-million tourists and residents means you need to make safety a top priority. Cracks and potholes in your asphalt can pose serious tripping hazards, leading to accidents and potential liability issues. By filling asphalt cracks promptly, you minimize these risks for your customers and employees. A safe, well-maintained property shows you value your customers’ well-being and encourages them to shop with confidence.

Prevent Further Damage

Cracks in asphalt can quickly turn into more significant problems if left unattended. Water infiltration from those reliable afternoon rainstorms in the spring and the drastic temperature fluctuations from night to day during the winter can cause cracks to expand, leading to more extensive and costly repairs. Regular crack filling seals the cracks and stops water from penetrating the pavement. This proactive approach can eliminate the need for complete asphalt resurfacing.

Increase Foot Traffic

Customers are more likely to visit a business that appears well-kept and professional. In contrast, a neglected parking lot with visible cracks and damage can deter potential customers. With so many options spread out across the city, you want more to walk through your doors and not those of your competitors. By investing in asphalt crack filling, you enhance the curb appeal of your retail business, attracting more visitors and boosting your sales.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

A smooth, safe and visually appealing parking lot contributes to a positive shopping experience. With the high number of tourists coming to take in the grandeur of Pike’s Peak or enjoy all the Front Range of the Rockies has to offer, you want them to have a positive experience. Asphalt crack filling is a small investment that can have a significant impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The Ins and Outs of Alligator Cracking

This type of cracking—also known as fatigue cracking—appears as a series of interconnected cracks resembling an alligator’s skin. It’s caused by repeated traffic loads, insufficient pavement thickness or poor drainage. Alligator cracking can lead to severe pavement deterioration if not addressed promptly.

How to Prevent Alligator Cracking

A few essential procedures should be implemented to keep the cracking at bay, such as:

  • Proper design and construction: Ensure your asphalt surfaces can handle the expected traffic loads with adequate pavement thickness and proper drainage.
  • Regular inspections: Assess your asphalt surfaces to identify and address any early signs of cracking.
  • Timely repairs: Fill cracks as soon as they appear to prevent water infiltration and potential potholes.
  • Sealcoating: Apply this to your asphalt surfaces to protect them from the elements and extend their life span.

Invest in Professional Asphalt Crack Filling Today

As a retailer in Colorado Springs, utilizing asphalt crack filling services will enhance the aesthetic appeal of your storefront, ensure a safe environment for customers and prevent further damage. By prioritizing asphalt repair and maintenance, you contribute to increased foot traffic and improved customer satisfaction. Don’t let neglected asphalt damage your business’s reputation and send your customers to your competitors. 

Ensure your property stands out with help from our professional and specially-trained team from EverLine Coatings. Contact us today for a free quote and learn more about our asphalt crack filling repair services!

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