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Concrete Pothole Repair in Colorado Springs, CO

Potholes in your concrete aren’t just unsightly. They’re also dangerous. Trust EverLine Coatings – Colorado Spring to repair your potholes.

Dependable Concrete Pothole Repair for Long-Lasting Pavement

Potholes are hardly nice to look at. Even worse, is that they can create more damage across your entire parking lot. As soon as you notice issues with cracks or potholes in your concrete, it’s time to take action. EverLine Coatings makes repairing potholes a simple process. We’ll be in and out in no time, minimizing disruptions to your commercial business in Colorado Springs and ensuring you’re left with smoother concrete once we’re done.

What Does Concrete Pothole Repair Involve?

Your Colorado Springs concrete parking lot probably sees a lot of traffic. Beyond that, it goes through seasonal changes and snowstorms. It’s probably iced and plowed in the winter. In the summer, the sun beats down relentlessly. All of this contributes to concrete failure. 

Many of these issues start out as small cracks, but over time, they worsen. Even the smallest of cracks has the potential to become a major pothole, and a major problem, if given enough time. 

When potholes occur, it’s because moisture has seeped into the cracks in the concrete. Over time, as traffic passes over it, the concrete can shift. If the temperatures drop to freezing, the moisture in the concrete can freeze and the concrete can break. The end result is a pothole, and you’ll want to have that repaired ASAP.

These Factors May Be Contributing to Your Concrete Failure

Numerous factors contribute to concrete failure, including:


Cracks are inevitable with concrete. While you can try to prevent and minimize them, they’ll happen at some point. When they do, they need to be repaired so they can’t worsen into a pothole.

Salt Damage

A snowy city like Colorado Springs is no stranger to road salts. While great for removing ice, they’re also corrosive. That corrosion doesn’t just happen on the surface of your concrete either; it seeps into the material and can lead to cracks, crumbling, and potholes.


Flaking is often caused by concrete that was initially poured with too much water. As this concrete goes through freeze and thaw cycles, it’s likely to flake.


The elements wreak havoc on concrete. From freeze and thaw cycles to extreme storms, the weather can damage your concrete and lead to failure. Likewise, external factors like heavy loads of traffic can exacerbate the effect of the elements.

EverLine Coatings: The Premier Concrete Pothole Repair Service Provider in Colorado Springs

With our CORE Quality System, we ensure that the process of repairing your concrete is as easy as possible. It’s our business to make sure your business can succeed by providing stable, attractive, and most importantly, safe parking lots. 

We design our services around commercial spaces, ensuring a durable, long-lasting result. We’re also well aware that time is money and our team works hard to achieve high-quality results with as little downtime as possible.

To achieve the best results, we remove the debris and dust caused by crumbled concrete. Depending on the damage, we may need to cut out an entire chunk of concrete to ensure a secure bond. Once the void is cleared out, new concrete is added to smooth your parking lot.

EverLine Concrete Pothole repair

Our Asphalt Pothole Repair Work

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Damaged Concrete Isn't Just Unsightly—It's Dangerous

Damaged concrete is undoubtedly an eyesore. However, it’s far more than that. It’s a safety hazard for those traversing through your parking lot. Whether they drive over a pothole or damaged area and damage their vehicle or happen to trip over an unrepaired part of the cement, you could be liable for any incurred damages. It’s essential to repair your concrete as soon as damage appears to minimize liability.

If you continue to neglect your concrete after discovering a pothole, it’s highly likely that it will continue to worsen over time. The worse it gets, the higher the costs will become to repair it when you finally get around to it. 

While a decrease in property value doesn’t cause an immediate safety hazard, it’s still a big risk with unmaintained parking lots. Damage to your concrete can lead potential clients, renters, or investors to avoid your property.

Trust EverLine Coatings to Get Your Colorado Springs Concrete Back in Pristine Condition

At EverLine Coatings – Colorado Springs, we pride ourselves on creating fantastic results the first time we touch your property. With our technical know-how and drive to ensure you are satisfied, your job will be completed to the highest specifications. Contact us today for a free quote to get started.

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