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Restoring Order to Tierra Del Sol Foundation Parking Lot

Learn how EverLine Coatings gave back to a local Santa Clarita nonprofit and restored safety to its parking lot with asphalt repair and line striping.

Alligator Cracks and Potholes Threaten a Santa Clarita Nonprofit

Even under the best of conditions, asphalt wears out over time. However, when tree roots grow out and underneath the asphalt, it can lead to cracking, as the Tierra Del Sol Foundation in Santa Clarita discovered. Areas of their parking lot’s asphalt raised and cracked and alligator cracking had set in. It was in dire need of assistance.

The Tierra Del Sol Foundation first contacted another local asphalt company, but found the price too high and their available dates too far out. Not only were we more affordable, but we also had the availability to get the job done quickly.

Before After Before Tierra Del Sol Foundation parking lot asphalt repair & line stripingTierra Del Sol Foundation parking lot asphalt repair & line striping

Extensive Asphalt Repairs and Maintenance Restored the Asphalt's Integrity

This is a school for children with special needs, so we needed to accommodate their schedule. We first removed a section of the parking lot and repaved it. The back lot needed to be paved for the first time.

Extensive crack filling and infrared pothole repair across the lot restored its integrity. We opted for asphalt sealcoating to seal smaller cracks and create a uniform look. This posed another challenge—the property is surrounded by mature trees, and we worked under windy conditions. As leaves and loose twigs fell from the trees, we had to blow sections of the lot clear in stages.

For the finishing touch, we applied custom stenciling and parking lot line striping, and then we installed some speed bumps as well. 

Giving Back to Our Community

We had our work cut out for us at the Tierra Del Sol Foundation, but we got the job done. We extended a 10% discount, since it’s a nonprofit organization, and included some extra infrared asphalt repair free of charge as a way to give back to our community.

The facility manager loved our work and was relieved we could get it done quickly. She was extra appreciative of the discount and grateful that we worked around their busy school schedule. 

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