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Expert Asphalt Repair Saved a Riverside Parking Lot From Replacement

Polly’s Pies in Riverside faced a conundrum when a tree root disrupted the parking lot usage. Expert asphalt repair services from EverLine Coatings made it look like it never happened!

Parking Lot Damage Can Come From Anywhere—Even Underground

Sometimes, Mother Nature has a way of reminding us how resilient it can be. In Riverside, CA, Polly’s Pies found this out the hard way when a tree root grew underneath its parking lot, causing the asphalt to lift and crack into potholes in some spots. Cracks in asphalt are particularly prone to developing into potholes, so time is of the essence when such damage starts to grow.

One of our previous clients in the area recommended our services to Polly’s Pies, and before we knew it, we were talking business.

Before After Polly Pies in Riverside asphalt repair & line stripingPolly Pies in Riverside asphalt repair & line striping

Thorough Asphalt Repair and Line Striping Services Restore a Riverside, CA, Parking Lot

After thoroughly inspecting the problem, we came up with a plan to restore the asphalt. It started with our asphalt pothole repair services. We use infrared heating technology to seamlessly bond the damaged asphalt back into its old form, adding new material as needed for a smooth finish. 

We followed along with asphalt crack filling. This allowed us to create watertight, edge-to-edge seals using our bonding material, restoring the integrity of the asphalt and preventing water from seeping in and worsening damage later.

For a polished result, we applied asphalt sealcoating. This helps restore a smooth, even look to the lot and hides the restorative work done to boost aesthetic appeal. It also protects the asphalt from further damage from UV rays, rain, salt, chemicals and general wear and tear. 

Finally, we wrapped up the job with a brand-new line striping job, restoring parking stalls and order to traffic with expert precision.

A Smooth, Clean Finish Every Time

Our client was pleased with the final results. They also mentioned appreciating how professional we were about the job and how our knowledge shone through our work. Our communication regarding scheduling was a big plus, too. 

Ready to give your parking lot the EverLine touch? We excel in creating effective, long-lasting parking lot repair and maintenance solutions. If your Riverside parking lot is in need of assistance, contact us today for a free quote.

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