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Precise Parking Lot Maintenance Solutions for Panera Bread Old Town Scottsdale

Discover how EverLine Coatings transformed a Panera parking lot in Scottsdale with professional line striping and asphalt resurfacing.

The Right Place at the Right Time

A well-maintained parking lot makes it clear you care about your business’s image. When Panera Bread moved into a location that was previously a different bakery, they had their work cut out for them. The parking spots had the old bakery’s name and the lot’s asphalt was oxidized and cracking. The paint that was there had faded with time, and non-Panera customers were parking in spaces designated for them.

Our team happened to be at Panera for a meeting at just the right time! A lengthy discussion about parking lot maintenance was occurring at the same time. It turned out that the conversation involved Panera’s regional manager as they discussed their parking lot needs. After a sky-high quote from another vendor that was dramatically outside of their budget, they weren’t sure what to do.

EverLine Coatings turned out to be exactly what they needed. Within hours, we determined the extent of work needed and gave them a bid that met their budget.

Before After Before Scottsdale Panera updated with parking lot line striping, asphalt crack filling & sealcoatingScottsdale Panera updated with parking lot line striping, asphalt crack filling & sealcoating

Transforming Panera's Parking Lot, One Half at a Time

The parking lot needed some extensive work. More importantly, we had to work around Panera’s schedule, splitting the lot in half and working on slower days to avoid shutting down. Part of this involved getting to the site early and barricading the side we would work on. All cracks were prepped and sealed. We thoroughly cleaned the surface and applied two layers of sealcoat resurfacing to create that fresh, even finish. Our line striping services restored the layout and the next day, half of the lot was ready to use. We then repeated the work on the other side.

While we worked, a bystander even admired our work. After a quick conversation, he inquired about his property and we booked another full parking lot overhaul for the next weekend.

Another Success Story for the Books

Panera’s regional manager was so thrilled with our work that she booked us to complete more work at other local Panera locations and said she’d share our contact info with others in the valley. Even regular customers had expressed appreciation for our work and how much it’d improved the area and efficiency of the parking lot.

Your Scottsdale or East Phoenix lot could be our next transformation success story. Contact us today for a free quote!

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