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The Importance of Hiring a Professional for Your Birmingham Parking Lot Line Striping

As a property or business owner in Birmingham, you constantly seek ways to save money. As a result, you might be tempted to take on some DIY projects to stick to your budget, including what might seem like a basic task like restriping your parking lot lines. Although you can likely purchase a few cans of striping paint at your local hardware store, there’s more to proper striping than meets the eye. Here we explain why professional parking lot striping services are best for your property.

Parking Lot Line Striping Requires High-Quality Traffic Paint

Professional parking lot striping companies use high-quality paint that is thick coating and long-lasting. While it costs more than a DIY job, low-maintenance paint that is longer lasting and higher performing saves you money in the long run. Products like TBL Durables® provide beautiful color and professional grade adherence so your property maintains its value and curb appeal. TBL Durables® is superior to other coatings, offering the following benefits:

TBL Durables
  • Lasts 2-4 times longer than traditional traffic paint
  • Low maintenance means less frequent repainting is required
  • Lines remain bright and distinct for a higher-end look to your property
  • Quick curing in just 5 to 10 minutes ensures your parking is accessible to reduce the inconvenience for your customers or tenants
  • It is 3 times cleaner than water-based paint and 10 times cleaner than oil-based paint, making it a greener choice
  • The patented glass beads create reflective, slip-resistant marks for improved visibility and safety
  • ROI of 20-30% in cost savings over the lifetime of your markings

Precision Line Striping Application

It takes specialty equipment to create crisp, clean lines in your parking lot. Improper application makes your property appear poorly maintained while making markings confusing and difficult to decipher. Professional application ensures the lines are clean and crisp, looking better and keeping your traffic flow safer.

Improved Disability Compliance

You are responsible for providing proper parking lot line striping to comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) regulations. You want to show your community you are committed to people of all abilities, providing parking spaces that make it easier for tenants or customers to park and enter your building. You must ensure parking spaces are at least 8 inches across with 5 inches of clearance and meet the requirements to provide the correct number of ADA parking slots. A professional parking lot striping company understands the rules and will ensure you comply to avoid fines and potential lawsuits.

Save Time

Taking time from your busy schedule or delegating the job wastes valuable time. As mentioned, using the proper coating and equipment ensures your new striping dries in less than 15 minutes, meaning a professional line striping service can be in and out of the average-sized lot within a few hours. Hence, you are open for business, or your tenants can return their vehicles to their private parking spaces. You kill two birds with one stone, saving yourself time and effort and keeping customers or tenants happy.

Smarter Line Striping Layouts

Working with a professional parking lot line striping company can improve traffic flow and maximize your square footage. They can assess your lot and determine not only where you need to place your ADA spaces but also how to accommodate as many vehicles as possible. They can also create logical traffic and pedestrian flow to keep your property safe.

Improved Parking Lot Safety

As we’ve mentioned above, proper parking lot striping and markings improve vehicle flow, making it clear where cars can drive, pedestrians can walk, and vehicles can park. Without clearly defined markings, visitors park willy-nilly, reducing the number of vehicles that can fit in the lot. It also increases the risk of vehicle damage when drivers park too close together. Pedestrians are not as safe in parking lots without proper markings, as drivers are more likely to cut across the lot and drive at higher speeds.  With a safer lot, you reduce the risk of liabilities related to visitor injury or vehicle damage.

Customized Line Striping & Stenciling Solutions

Hiring professional parking lot line striping services provides tailored solutions, such as applying your business logo, applying brand messages, indicating the name of your building, or ensuring your lot has a professional look that reflects well on your brand or commercial property value.

Professional parking lot line striping services ensure your property maintains its curb appeal and value while your lot remains safe and compliant.

For more information about EverLine Coatings’ professional parking lot line striping services in Birmingham, contact us for a free quote today!

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