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How EverLine Coatings Beats Humidity Hassles With Quick-Set Traffic Paint for Parking Lot Line Striping

Parking lots might not get a lot of thought from the average person, but for Birmingham property managers or business owners like you, there’s a lot to consider. From managing general maintenance to repairing cracks, you’ve probably got a lot on your mind when you look outside your business. That doesn’t even mention the day-to-day tasks you have to worry about either. Why should you have to concern yourself with issues like whether the humidity is going to affect your parking lot line striping services?

Leave the worries about humidity behind. After all, we have a solution that side-steps the problems humidity poses: our TBL Durables. 

The Problem With Humidity

Birmingham is well-known for its humidity, especially in late summer. Humidity occurs when the moisture levels in the air increase. Average humidity rates in Birmingham hover around 70% throughout the year, and rates average 75% in July. When it comes to parking lot repair and line striping, humidity isn’t just uncomfortable—it’s also a potential challenge to overcome. 

Longer Drying Times

As humidity levels increase, so does the amount of time it takes for paint to dry. The reason for this is simple: Paint remains on the pavement because the solvents that make it a liquid evaporate. As the solvents evaporate, they leave the color of the paint behind, adhering to the surface it was applied on. Higher humidity means longer drying times, and often, the paint doesn’t dry as well as it would in an ideal humidity level. 

The longer it takes your paint to dry, the longer you have to wait to allow business to come back into your parking lot. Even worse, you have to worry about what happens to the lines while they’re wet. You can’t exactly control whether a bird or squirrel will run through your lines, spreading paint and footprints across your lot. Likewise, you can’t stop dust, dirt, and other debris from getting stuck in the paint either.

Compromised Line Quality

With longer drying times come other concerns. Line quality actually declines when the paint takes longer than normal to dry. Bubbles and blisters can develop in the paint while it dries slowly, which can cause issues with longevity. In these areas, the paint isn’t sealing to the asphalt and can chip away, leaving unsightly gaps in your lines.

Beyond that, wind blowing can smear the lines at the edges, even if they don’t leave litter and dirt behind. If the wind is particularly strong, it can cause splattering and smearing of the lines, leaving you with uneven edges and unsatisfactory results.

EverLine Coatings Beats Out Humidity With TBL Durables

Don’t let the humidity in Birmingham get you down. EverLine Coatings has a simple solution that beats the humidity and gets you the results you desire. Our TBL Durables are the ultimate remedy, offering a quick-set traffic coating that’ll ensure crisp, durable lines, even when humidity runs high. 

TBL Durables are two to four times more durable than regular traffic paints and significantly more eco-friendly than standard oil-based traffic paint. While oil-based traffic paints have to dry for 20 minutes in an ideal humidity and water-based paints dry for twice as long, TBL Durables are dry and ready to go in just eight minutes. All of this culminates in a line striping that’ll save you an average of 20-30% over three years, improving visual appeal and safety in your parking lot. 

You don’t have to settle for subpar lines just because you’re in a humid environment. When you trust us to handle your parking lot line striping, we’ll get you crisp and durable lines every time. Learn more about our line striping services today!

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