Signs and Bollard Cover Installation Services in Lethbridge, Southern Alberta

About our Sign and Bollard Cover Installation Services

We understand that parking lots and properties require signage for elements such as crosswalks, handicap stalls and more. Having proper signage displayed will help ensure safety and that property rules are endorsed. Our experts are capable of installing all types of signs (including certain decals and banners) for your business wherever you may need them placed.

In addition to our sign installation services, we also specialized in bollard cover installation. Once you have your bollards installed on your property, it is important to cover them with a reflective material so that they stand out and are noticeable. At EverLine, we can provide different types of bollards to cover dimensions and are able to customize them to blend in seamlessly with your property.

Why Choose EverLine?

One of the elements that allow EverLine to stand apart from our competition is our commitment to the CORE quality system. The CORE abbreviation stands for Clear scope, Operations reports, Reach out and Evaluate. Our commitment to these values allows our clients to monitor quality throughout every step of our installation process. We always aim to meet or exceed our customers’ satisfaction and expectations.

EverLine operates off of three key values. The first is that we are constantly innovating, the second that we systemize quality and finally we are always here when you need us. By adhering to these values, we guarantee that we can offer you solutions that no one else can. We try our best to be as accommodating as possible, we can work with you to deliver services on your schedule and will always be here when you need us. We only use the best products and strive to provide hassle free, excellent service at a great price.

We are the Sign and Bollard Installation Experts

We specially train all the members of our crews to handle sign installation and bollard cover projects. Whenever an EverLine crew is deployed, you can be assured that you’re getting installers with extensive experience and knowledge.

How to Prepare

There are a few tasks you can complete prior to our crew’s arrival to help ensure that our work can be completed in a timely manner and efficient manner. First, please ensure the areas where the installation will take place are clear and free of debris and obstacles. Secondly, it is strongly recommended that you notify staff or tenants of the installation to help ensure our crew’s safety.

Sign & Bollard Cover Installation Pricing

We always want to ensure that your business is receiving the best value on sign and bollard installation projects, this is very important to us here at EverLine. It is because of this that we do not offer pricing on a flat-rate basis, instead, we choose to do ours on a per-job basis. This allows us to account for any and all factors. We will gather all your details beforehand to know your budget and other elements. After this, we will be able to provide you with a more accurate estimate. If you are in need of a quote for a sign or bollard cover project, please contact us.