Service Project Management
in Ottawa

About our Ottawa Service Project Management

At EverLine Coatings and services we know that property owners, managers and leasing agents always have a growing to-do list. We also know it isn’t ideal to use contractors to handle property maintenance jobs. They often don’t understand the scope of work, don’t show up when they say they will or often go over budget. Well at EverLine we have the solution. We offer property management services provided by our knowledgeable and experienced service project managers.

At EverLine we offer a wide range of property maintenance services performed by a diverse team with special training in each service. This means no matter the job that needs to be done we have specially trained crews and specialized equipment for the job. Don’t depend on sourcing each job you need done to a different contractor, instead get one team that can handle everything. Our service project management will make your property maintenance management so much more streamlined and affordable.

Why Choose EverLine?

When it comes to choosing a service project management company for your property EverLine is the easy choice. We offer a full suite of property management services all out of our Ottawa office. This includes facility maintenance and repair, preventative maintenance, flooring solutions (non-slip, durable), stairwell solutions (non-slip, durable), painting, fire retardant coatings, concrete/drywall repair, parkade membrane installation and repair and much more.

For a successfully executed project, it takes a village. The secret to our success is our people. With trusted employees, contractors and suppliers we are able to provide a total experience that ensures that your property/building is functioning at full efficiency, capacity and with a maximized safety focus.

We are the Service Project Management Experts

What makes the service project management team at EverLine experts is their experience and the number of services they specialize in. We have been a part of millions of dollars worth of successful project management throughout our years in service. Our team has been specially trained in a wide variety of property maintenance services and we have specialized equipment to handle any job. No matter the request, no matter the situation our knowledgeable and experienced team can handle the job.

Our expertise allows us to provide unique value-focused service project management solutions that specialize in specialty services. Because we are the experts and offer so many services out of one location we can provide budget friendly pricing.

Service Project Management Pricing

Our service project management pricing is designed to be budget friendly and focused on building a relationship with clients that is all encompassing for peace of mind. At EverLine Coatings and Services we are committed to delivering our clients the best possible value and we believe this comes from clear communication. We work closely with our clients to always remain in their budget, while providing exceptional property maintenance services.