Project Service Management Services in New Brunswick

About our Service Project Management Services

Do you have a growing to-do list for your property or building? If you are tired of contractors not fully understanding the project plans and scope, not meeting the project deadlines and qualifications or going over budget, EverLine Coatings and Services can be your solution! We specialize in service project management and are able to help with the monitoring, coordination and execution of various service projects.

We understand that when it comes to successfully completing a project, it can take many hands. The secret to our success is our people. We have created a network of trusted employees, contractors and suppliers that are capable of providing a total experience. It is through this network that we can ensure that your property or building is functioning at full efficiency, capacity and with maximum safety.

Our Service Property Management services include the following:

  • Facility Maintenance and Repair
  • Preventative Maintenance
  • Flooring Solutions (Non-slip and durable)
  • Stairwell Solutions (Non-slip and durable)
  • Painting
  • Fire-retardent coatings
  • Concrete and Drywall Repair
  • Parkade Membrane Installation and Repair
  • And more

Why Choose EverLine?

Here at EverLine, we provide unique value-focused service project management solutions that specialize in our suite of professional services. We have designed our pricing to be budget-friendly as well as focused on building a relationship with our clients. We have a strong belief that strong communication and placing importance on relationship building is the best key to successful management services.

One of the elements of EverLine’s business that helps define us from the competition is our commitment to the CORE quality system. The CORE abbreviation stands for Clear scope, Operations reports, Reach out and Evaluate. It is through the implementation of this system that we are able to fit, meet and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.

We are the Project Service Management Experts

We are the leading expert in service project management because of our extensive experience. Our experience has allowed us to solve many problems and find the best practices for solutions. Our professional team members and project teams can tailor our services to meet our clients’ needs and handle a vast variety of different requests. Since we have extensive knowledge of project management, we are capable of completing any request and handling any situation. EverLine’s service project management also has full access to the full suite of EverLine services as well.

At EverLine, we know the key to remaining successful is creating and fostering a culture of communication, performance and execution. Our years of project management have taught us that good collaboration between multiple trades produces pleased clients and headache-free experiences.

Service Project Management Pricing

It is important to us that we give our clients the best value for the services we are rendering. This is why our service project management pricing is done on a per-job basis. This allows us to deliver budget-friendly services that don’t compromise quality or professionalism. If you are interested in receiving a quote on our service project management services please contact us.