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About our Edmonton Parking Lot Line Painting Services

Line PaintingEverline Coatings and Services is the premier supplier of outdoor line painting services for parking lots and roads in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. We started Everline Coatings and Services to become the leading line painting company in Alberta. We’ve gained the needed experience and the right equipment to take on any line painting job that needs to be done. Our Edmonton location has multiple experienced line painting crews enabling us to paint 3 to 4 locations depending on the size of the surface at the same time and get the job completed in a timely manner. Our large and experienced crews are able to get any line painting job your property needs to be completed on short notice. If you need a professional line painting job done immediately, we’ve got you covered. We are also proud to offer our high-quality services at competitive prices as we are one of the largest paint and parking lot supply purchasers in Alberta. Please contact our Edmonton office today for more information or to inquire about our line painting services.

Why Choose EverLine?

To create an awesome experience for our customers, we strive to get every detail of working with us just right. So what makes us different? Why should you choose EverLine Coatings as the line painting and asphalt maintenance company for your property? Because we set out to build a company that stands out. How do we do it? We have three key differentiators:

Number one, our flawless quality that we deliver with each project, is systemized. We work through our proprietary core quality system on every project. We have built key quality checks into our daily processes that make sure our crews cannot leave the site without signing off on great work. It’s built into our DNA as a company. Our work is always on display, and we need to leave the site proud of it. It’s as simple as that!
Number two, we are always innovating how we deliver expectation-shattering results. There’s always a better way to get the job done, and we work hard to determine how. Our commitment to personal and professional growth as a whole leads to the utilization of new products, new application methods, and improving upon tried-and-true methods in the line painting industry. It creates opportunities for your parking lot to look great and have great longevity for the best value possible.

Number three, at EverLine, we will always answer the call. We know that the parking lot maintenance industry can often have last-minute requests from our clients. We will be there for each of those demands and emergencies to the absolute best of our abilities. Responsiveness, efficiency, and execution are the name of the game here! Each and every EverLine location has been built for the ability to respond to shatter the expectations of our clients within their budget, and deadline. If we miss your call, we promise to get back to you as fast as humanly possible so we can help you with your parking lot maintenance needs. We will do everything we can to get the job done for you.

TBL Durables

At EverLine Coatings and Services, we use our exclusive TBL Durables line painting products to ensure high-quality markings and extremely durable line painting projects. The use of our TBL Durables paint product is one of the reasons why we are one of the best line painting companies in Canada. The advantages of TBL Durables include a longer lifespan than traditional oil-based paints, faster drying, and more resistance to the harsh weather conditions that we experience here in Canada. To learn more about our TBL Durables paint products, please click here.

We are the Line Painting Experts

At EverLine, we have years of experience in the various line painting services that we offer. Because of this, we have established ourselves as the line painting experts in Canada. Regardless of what kind of outdoor painting service you need, we’ve done it before, and we can complete the project efficiently on your property.

Need a repaint completed on your property? No problem! We can repaint: curbs, stencils (all types and colours), parking lot lines, stop bars, crosswalks, arrows, handicap stalls, pathways, and more. You name it; we can paint it! Contact us today for any and all of your repainting needs.

Parking Lots

Looking to have a new parking lot layout painted? How about handicap parking stalls or stop bars? These are our specialties. We have decades of experience helping clients plan their new layout. Once the layout planning process has been completed, we execute the parking lines with quality and professionalism. With our parking lot striping services, we create parking lot layouts that are efficient, look fantastic, and exceed expectations.

Parking Garages & Parkades

We really enjoy painting parking garages and parkades in Edmonton. In fact, they’re one of our favourite things to paint! We are able to custom stencil parking stall numbers to designate specific parking zones. We can also add directional arrows, speed bumps, and more. Our custom stencils are always accurate and have clean, crisp new lines thanks to our highly trained crews and top-of-the-line line striping machines. No matter what surface your parkade has, our line painting experts deliver high-quality paint results that will last for years to come.

Roads and Streets

What about roadways and streets in Edmonton? At EverLine, we have years of experience painting municipal roads and streets too. We can paint it all! We can paint road markings, crosswalks, stop bars, arrows in intersections, customized stencilling, and signage installation to give motorists the guidance they need. We are a one-stop-shop for all of your municipal traffic control needs.


Are you looking to have a custom crosswalk painted? How about a mall crosswalk? Thanks to our years of experience in outdoor painting, we can confidently deliver the best-looking crosswalk painting projects you’ve ever seen. We will even do artistic crosswalks and three-dimensional crosswalks that will stand out and grab the attention of your customers. These will keep pedestrians safe and look great too. You name it; we can create it.

Athletic Courts and Playgrounds

Sports are fun and all, but without quality line-markings, they are hard to play! Not only do we do line painting on roads, but we can also complete line painting projects for athletic courts and playgrounds in Edmonton. We have accurate measurements for sports standard-sized markings so you can be sure you are playing on a regulation-sized court with every line painting project that we complete! From tennis courts to playgrounds, take your game to the next level with EverLine’s line painting services.

Airport Runways and Helicopter Pads

Quality line-markings are an important factor for runway safety and helicopter pads. If the old lines aren’t visible, it can make it extremely difficult for pilots to determine where to land and where to taxi on the runway to the aircraft’s destination. Our high-quality line painting services for airport runways and helicopter pads are extremely precise and handled with the utmost amount of care to ensure the safety of those who use it. Our TBL Durables paint products last a long time and can handle the constant extreme use of planes and helicopters.

Bike Lanes

There’s an increasing number of bike commuters in Edmonton that are opting to bike to work. As a result of this, we are seeing more bike lanes throughout the city. High-quality bike lane markings are essential to the safety of every road user in Edmonton. With these projects, the line painting professionals at EverLine make sure bike commuters in Edmonton are able to reach their destinations safely.

How to Prepare

If you will be using EverLine’s line painting services in the near future there are a few things we ask you to do in preparation to ensure we can complete the job in a safe and timely manner and ensure a quality line striping job. Ensuring that the Parking lot has been swept clean is very important. Any gravel or debris in the parking lot could impede the quality of the work. If you need your lot swept, please enquire about our parking lot sweeping services. Please ensure the lot has been cleared of as many vehicles as possible. Finally, please notify the regular users of your lot that we will be painting in the lot. This will ensure that there are no unnecessary stoppages or distractions.

Parking Lot Line Painting Pricing

At EverLine Coatings and Services we price out our parking lot line painting projects on a per-job basis to give each customer the most affordable price possible. This means that our rates will fluctuate based on volume, difficulty, traffic and materials being used on site. We have experience working within a wide range of budgets to offer our line painting services in the most affordable way. To receive a free estimate of what your parking lot line painting project may cost please contact us.

Line Painting