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10 Pavement Maintenance Tips To Extend the Life of Your Windsor Parking Lot

Parking lots tend to be the first thing people see when visiting your property. They can also present a danger when not well-maintained, increasing the risk of accidents and personal injury. To help keep your property looking its best, use our eleven tips to prolong the life of your parking lot.

1. Keep Your Lot Free of Trash and Debris

Parking lots collect trash daily, whether it’s paper, plastic bags, coffee cups, or emptied ashtray debris. Keeping your lot free of waste is essential to pavement maintenance, as garbage interferes with proper drainage. Water is the number one enemy of paved surfaces, making it necessary to prevent water pooling and moisture buildup. Moisture causes cracks, and cracks lead to potholes, making a mess of your pavement. Potholes are also dangerous and costly to repair. By cleaning your lot of debris each day, you improve drainage and reduce moisture damage.

2. Invest in Garbage Bins

Consider investing in well-placed garbage bins to help make parking lot pavement maintenance easier. Bins encourage visitors to dispose of their trash properly and help keep your lot trash-free.

3. Rake Leaves in Your Parking Lot

Natural debris like leaves and twigs collect in basins, causing pooling, deep puddles, and the risk of parking lot floods. Rake your lot frequently, especially in the fall, to reduce the risk of moisture damage.

4. Clear Your Basins

Hopefully, you have at least one basin to help prevent water from pooling. Check your basins regularly to remove debris that will prevent proper drainage.

5. Pressure Wash Your Lot

Pressure washing removes damaging buildup that can eat away at your asphalt. Gum, oil, corrosive vehicle liquids, paper, etc., all contribute to a) an unwelcoming parking lot that scares away customers and b) damage to your pavement. 

6. Inspect Your Lot for Oil Stains

Asphalt pavement binders are damaged by oil, leading to a softening of your parking lot’s surface. When this happens, the asphalt is unprotected and becomes vulnerable to damage. The longer oil sits on the pavement, the more damage it causes. Inspect your parking lot daily to look for oil stains and clean them immediately with a special degreasing agent.

7. Repair Cracks and Potholes

You have a responsibility to keep your property safe. This includes pavement maintenance to repair unsightly cracks and dangerous potholes. You’re liable for damages if someone is injured tripping or falling due to a pothole. The same can be said for damage to vehicles. Pothole and crack repairs should be performed at the turn of the season to keep your pavement smooth and safe. Ongoing maintenance also avoids more costly repairs down the road.

8. Sealcoat Your Parking Lot

Windsor weather is unforgiving, with fluctuating temperatures and ongoing freezing and thawing throughout the spring, fall, and winter. This cycle can damage your parking lot if not protected against the elements. Regular sealcoating can prolong the life of a well-maintained parking lot for several years.

9. Repaint Parking Lot Lines

Repainting parking lot lines keeps your parking lot looking its best while also improving traffic flow. Clearly defined parking lot lines reduce the risk of accidents and vehicle damage. Pedestrians know where to walk, and drivers have defined roadways. You also designate clearly marked parking spaces, so cars are less likely to park too close together, making room for more visitors/customers. That’s good for business.

10. Salt Your Parking Lot

Slow snow accumulation by salting your parking lot before a heavy snowfall. It keeps your lot safe and reduces the time required to shovel. You can also help prevent ice-related damage. Choose sodium chloride products for temperatures above -9 Celsius and calcium chloride below -9 Celsius.

Pavement Maintenance for Your Parking Lot with Windsor’s EverLine Coatings

Proactive pavement maintenance for your parking lot minimizes the need for costly repairs, keeps your lot safe, and prolongs the life of your asphalt surface for years to come.

For more information about Windsor’s EverLine Coatings’ pavement maintenance services in Windsor, contact us today!

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