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What Is the Best Paint to Use for an Outdoor Basketball Court?

Sports Court lines painted by EverLine Coatings

An outdoor basketball court must be appropriately lined to play the game properly. An issue with the lines causes problems during play, so accuracy in markings is essential. Mediocre lines that haven’t been measured correctly or that are dim in their appearance can throw off your game. 

Read on to discover the best paint choice for outdoor basketball courts. 

Clear, Simple-to-See Outdoor Basketball Court Markings

While fresh new lines painted on your outdoor court may look fabulous right after it is applied, not all outdoor paint options are created equally. They may fade, crack, chip, or quickly disappear, depending on what they are painted with. You’ll be pleased to learn about a highly favored solution: TBL Durables. How does it stand up to other outdoor sports line painting options? Let’s take a look: 

The problem with acrylic paint

Acrylic paint dries fast, stands up well to UV rays, and delivers a smooth appearance that adheres to concrete well. The problem is that it lacks longevity, especially when compared to TBL Durables—our top choice in outdoor sports line paint. 

Why water-based polyurethane isn’t the best option

Water-based polyurethane is used a lot on commercial properties since it locks in color well, doesn’t fade easily, and is long. The problem with it is that it doesn’t adhere to concrete surfaces, particularly if it gets wet. 

Why epoxy isn’t the best solution

This paint type peels off easily because it doesn’t adjust well to extreme temperature shifts outdoors. When epoxy wears away, it’s challenging to see sports court markings, making it tough to play basketball on. 

What makes TBL Durables the best choice for outdoor basketball court markings?

TBL Durables
  • Highly durable – This outstanding paint, ideal for outdoor sports line markings, lasts up to four times as long as traditional outdoor traffic paint, saving you time and money in the years ahead because you won’t have to repaint it as quickly as other paint options. 
  • Simple maintenance – TBL Durables requires less frequent upkeep than other brands, decreasing your maintenance costs throughout its lifespan.
  • Good-looking – The bright, distinct lines needed to play sports are accurately placed and easy to spot with this attractive paint. 
  • Environmentally friendly – With less harmful VOCs (harmful, terrible smelling gasses that could be carcinogenic) emitted during its application, TBL Durables is three times cleaner than water-based paint and ten times cleaner than oil-based paint.
  • Slip-resistant – The glass beads in this product create slip-resistant lines that make surfaces safer in any weather. This is excellent news because it can lower liability issues on your property, saving you time and money over the years.
  • Great return on investment – You can expect a favorable ROI when you choose TBL Durables for your outdoor sports line painting, giving you peace of mind in your investment. 

Aesthetic Excellence in Sports Line Painting 

At EverLine Coatings and Services, lines are painted according to sports regulations to deliver an authentic sports experience! We know that customers judge a business by how the property looks from the outside. If we are repainting or adding court lines that don’t quite match the old, we won’t just paint over the old line markings. We’ll black out the old marks first, so the new lines are clean and really stand out—giving a great first impression to people.

Learn more about our sports court line painting services! 

Why TBL Durables Is Your Answer for Outdoor Sports Courts Paint

Once your sports court markings are made, they should last. EverLine Coatings is proud to use sports court paint that endures much longer than other brands: TBL Durables. We apply this high-quality product that lasts—so the work can be done less often. Businesses report 20%-30% savings over three years.

Learn more about TBL Durables.

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