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The Parking Lot Paint that Stands Up to Harsh Winter Weather

What Parking Lot Paint Stands Up To Harsh Winter Weather?

During harsh winter weather, a poorly marked parking lot can lead to fender benders, falls, and disorder. When parking lots aren’t well marked, drivers can get confused, and trouble (that could have been prevented) can result. 

But you can avoid traffic chaos with clear parking lot line painting that stands up to winter weather. While water-based painted lines fade rapidly, and oil-based paint is so high in Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) that it’s banned in Canada, take heart—there is another option.

At 10 times more eco-friendly than other leading products, TBL Durables line painting products hold up each winter with ease, leaving your parking lot easy to navigate and safe for those who use it. 

Read on to learn more about the multiple benefits of TBL Durables. 

Winter Weather Is No Match for This Parking Lot Paint

TBL Durables

TBL Durables is the line paint that is so resilient, it lasts even throughout harsh winter weather. There’s a reason that “durable” is part of this amazing product’s name! Also, it has a longer lifespan, and a shorter dry time than its competition. 

TBL Durables gives you the ultimate in dependability, precision, and permanence. It cures to your asphalt as a hard plastic, and is more reflective and more resistant to deterioration or fading than any of its competitors. 

With TBL Durables, you get the longest lasting, highest value line painting in the industry. Before being sprayed onto your asphalt, the paint and catalyst are kept separate until they reach the mixing chamber at the gun tip of the walk-behind machine, allowing for efficiency in application and endurance for the product. There is essentially zero waste when your parking lot’s lines are being painted on with TBL Durables. And you’ll get a faster, more reliable cure even at low outdoor temperatures. 

Reduce your liability risk as a property owner with clear, enduring line marking in your parking lot. With glass beads applied to TBL Durables markings, they are more slip resistant than regular traffic paint and are reflective to headlights—even during the bitter cold winter months. 

Cold Weather? No Problem When Line Painting with TBL Durables

The great news is that if you’ve put off getting your parking lot’s lines painted, in spite of the fact that winter is here, it may not be too late! TBL Durables cures at temperatures as low as -10° C. This is a significantly colder temperature than water-based line paint’s minimum curing temperature of 10° C. That means you don’t have to wait for spring for new lines!

What Causes Most Parking Lot Paint to Fail?

Parking lot paint certainly doesn’t last forever. In fact, it deteriorates due to its constant exposure to harsh weather elements, pressure from heavy vehicles and equipment, and property owners neglecting to keep the lot properly maintained

Standard oil-based traffic paint was banned in Canada due to its high level of unhealthy VOC compounds released during the curing process. Alternative water-based traffic paints leave property owners thoroughly dissatisfied due to their lack of durability, and lack of overall value.  

Do You Know the Main Disadvantage of Typical Traffic Paint?

Commonly used water-based line paint doesn’t perform well in temperatures under 10° C; as one of the least durable pavement marking products, its lifespan is significantly shorter than TBL Durables. If you use water-based line paint, you will have to paint your parking lot again a lot sooner, costing you time and money. 

Get Premium Line Painting for Your Parking Lot 

Too many contractors use traffic paint for their parking lot line painting, and it fades out in less than a year! Our exclusive TBL Durables product is 3-4 times more durable than regular traffic paint, so you get a better return on investment by selecting it. 

Don’t underestimate the value of hiring an experienced line painting company that uses quality products. At EverLine Coatings and Services, our expertise will deliver the results you need. And we use the high-quality products from TBL Durables to meet your needs, which means your lines will need to be painted less often. Our clients report a 20-30% savings over 3 years from our services. 

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