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The Importance of Clearly Marked Fire Lanes in Parking Lots

Fire lane - no parking red painted curb for emergency vehicles.

In case of an emergency, firefighters, law enforcement, and ambulances require an unobstructed path to your commercial property. It’s vital that you keep fire lanes (which are no-parking zones) clear for emergency vehicles. 

As a business owner, it’s critical that you ensure your parking lot is marked properly so customers don’t park or stop in the fire lane—keeping it accessible for the authorities should it be needed. 

Read on to discover the importance of a well-marked fire lane, and how you, the property owner or manager, are responsible to be compliant with the laws in your location. 

The Importance of Newly Painted Fire Lanes in Parking Lots

Confirm Compliance with Fire Code Requirements 

Your area’s fire marshal, fire chief, or municipal government often determines the size and location of mandatory pavement painting for fire lanes. It’s common for the fire lane to feature red curbs to identify it clearly.  

  • Clearly visible line markings
  • Specific width of the fire lane
  • An exact distance to your building 

Ensure the Safety of Your Staff and Customers

The fire lane is an important feature of your parking lot because it gives fire and emergency vehicles easy access to your building so they can rapidly assist anyone in need. Should your building catch fire, the faster the fire truck arrives, the more lives and property they can preserve. Don’t minimize the importance of this important line painting on your property. Realize it can save lives, so it’s vital to provide for your staff and customers’ safety. 

Avoid Negative Consequences 

If you leave worn, chipped, or faded lines on your commercial parking lot, it could result in a fine or penalty. Even worse, it could cause a delay for fire trucks, law enforcement officers, or the ambulance and EMTs from promptly responding to the urgent needs of someone on your property. And that could negatively impact someone’s life. The good news is that you can avoid negative consequences by getting crisp, clean lines marked for your fire lane and anticipating the needs of those on your property should an emergency arise. 

Make Sure Fire Lanes Remain in Compliance

It’s vital that you not only comply with fire code requirements now, but also make sure you stay in compliance over the years. Have your fire lane reviewed regularly by your local fire marshal. Requirements tend to change over time, and they change for a reason—so stay up-to-date for the long term by regularly having your fire lane evaluated by the authority in your area. 

Get Crisp Line Painting for Fire Lanes to Ensure Safety

When you look for a contractor to do your parking lot painting, be sure to hire one who understands the relevant laws for fire lanes in your area. 

At EverLine Coatings and Services, we make sure your fire lanes comply with all applicable requirements in your area, ensuring the health and safety of those on your property. 

Get safe, attractive parking lot painting with our durable, precision line painting for your commercial property from EverLine Coatings.

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