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Is Your Sudbury Business Parking Lot Aligned With AODA Standards?

Is your parking lot AODA-compliant? Based on the AODA, your parking lot should be compliant by 2025, meaning time’s running out. This act outlines certain terms and conditions that all businesses with at least one employee must follow to ensure easier access to public facilities for people with disabilities. Here’s what you need to know and how to get your parking lot up to speed.

The Importance of Accessible Parking Lots

Ontario has dedicated itself to becoming a more accessible, inclusive region to better serve populations with disabilities. Aging populations require more accessible parking spaces to remain independent even as their mobility declines. 

By aligning your Sudbury business parking lot with AODA standards, you do your part to make your business more accessible. This can help attract wider populations to your location. 

What Are AODA Standards?

The Accessibility for Ontarians With Disabilities Act (AODA) is a 2005 act written to outline accessibility standards for Ontario-based organizations. It’s designed to help prevent and remove barriers for people with disabilities by requiring businesses to comply with certain standards by 2025. 

AODA standards have five key considerations:

  1. Customer Service Standards
  2. Information and Communication Standards
  3. Transportation Standards
  4. Employment Standards
  5. Design of Public Spaces Standards

Under the Design of Public Spaces Standards, your Sudbury business parking lot must meet certain accessibility standards if you employ at least one person from Ontario.

Regulations and Standards for AODA-Compliant Parking Lots

Whether your Sudbury has on-street or off-street parking, there must be spaces accessible to people with disabilities and valid parking permits. This requires careful consideration, as in some cases, people with disabilities may require significantly more parking space to allow for use of a mobility aid.  

If you have a parking lot, you have off-street parking and you’ll need to meet certain standards. The number of accessible parking spaces you require depends on how many parking spaces you have in total. 

Accessible off-street parking comes in two forms: Type A and Type B. Type A parking spots have wider parking spaces with ample space to use larger mobility devices, such as a wheelchair. They must have signage designating them as van accessible and are useful for people who need extra space to enter and exit their car.

Type B parking spots are sized like a standard parking space but still are marked and reserved for people with a disability and parking permit. They’re more suitable for people who can enter and exit their vehicles with smaller devices, like a cane or a set of crutches.

All accessible parking spots must have signage that denotes them as accessible. Any access aisles, the spaces between parking spaces to allow for extra room to navigate them, must be marked with diagonal lines to show they are not parking spaces.

Get Your Parking Lot AODA-Compliant by 2025

If you have a Sudbury business, the time to get your parking lot AODA-compliant is now. Based on the terms of the 2005 law, compliance is expected by 2025. 

EverLine Coatings is well-versed in navigating rules and regulations in parking lots and we’re prepared to help ensure that your parking lot is ready to go. Our services align with your vision and local regulations to create excellent solutions that leave you with an organized, beautiful, and most importantly, regulation-compliant parking lot. Learn more about our custom parking lot line painting, stenciling, signs and bollard covers today!

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