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How Long Will My Sudbury Asphalt Parking Lot Last?

Your asphalt parking lot in Sudbury can last up to 25-30 years if you care for it properly. If not, it could last a great deal less time. When you’re managing a parking lot, you might have questions about what to expect from the lot at different points in its lifespan. Is the level of maintenance it requires now a sign that it will have a shortened lifespan? Is there anything you can do to reduce maintenance costs and put off replacing the lot altogether? We answer those questions below.

The Lifespan of an Asphalt Parking Lot

What does the lifespan of a parking lot look like, and when should it need different kinds of maintenance? Here’s a quick guide:

  • 0-5 years: A properly installed parking lot should function well for the first five years. Asphalt sealcoating at this time can significantly delay the start of issues, but it is certainly not necessary.
  • 5-7 years: Especially in Sudbury, where winters are hard, cracking will start at about this point in the lifespan of your parking lot. It is especially important to keep the asphalt clear for these years. Sealcoating will delay cracking and prevent issues in the next stage of the parking lot’s life.
  • 7-15 years: If you haven’t cared for your parking lot effectively now is when you will start to see that. Small cracks will begin to turn into potholes, the asphalt will fade more seriously, and it will lose the oils it needs to stay pliable and moisture resistant.
  • 15-25 years: Parking lots which were well maintained starting around the five-year mark may last into their twenties or thirties. However, others will become brittle and unstable starting at about 15 years. Here, you will find that repair and maintenance costs are quite high, and the lot needs more serious interventions, like major and multiple pothole repairs.

What Causes Sudbury’s Asphalt Parking Lots to Deteriorate?

There are many different factors that cause an asphalt parking lot to lose quality and start to break down. Those factors include:

  • Poor installation: You need to start with a good installation in order to get a long lifespan.
  • Heavy traffic: Snow plows, heavy equipment and studded wheels all do damage.
  • Water and humidity: Water and ice in winter and humidity in the summer all do damage to your lot.
  • Sunlight and heat: Intense heat and exposure to sunlight break down important elements in asphalt.
  • Spills and debris: If left in place, debris and spills can intensify the wear and tear of your parking lot.  

How Can You Extend an Asphalt Parking Lot’s Lifespan?

No matter the state of your parking lot, whether it is currently perfect or has been neglected for years, there are things you can do in order to improve its longevity and reduce how much it costs you in repairs for the next decade or more. Here is how you can get more life out of your parking lot:

Apply sealcoating earlier 

While sometimes sealcoating is necessary on lots that have seriously deteriorated, the best use of sealcoating is actually to prevent this damage. Applying a sealcoating before major issues begin will help maintain the asphalt beneath the coating and help you avoid major cracking, potholes and early failure. It’s easier to keep asphalt in good condition rather than restore it.

Choose infrared repair

Infrared is a new form of asphalt repair from Sudbury’s EverLine Coatings which does a better job of restoring the old asphalt and sealing it to the new asphalt. While other processes leave behind gaps in the asphalt that water immediately pours back into, infrared technology heats up the old asphalt and seals it to the new, providing much better water resistance. It also mixes in new oils to the old asphalt, helping it stay pliable and strong for longer.

Do smaller repairs earlier

In Sudbury, the freeze-thaw cycle does a number on our parking lots. Any small cracks on little potholes allow moisture in, and as it freezes and thaws with the season, it expands and contracts, actively doing damage to your lot. If you address these smaller issues earlier, you prevent these more serious problems from even developing.

Talk to the Asphalt Parking Lot Experts at EverLine Sudbury

Our asphalt repair services can help you extend the lifespan of your asphalt and make your Sudbury parking lot a more consistent, beautiful place that costs less to maintain. Talk to us about our services today.

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