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It’s Spring Cleaning Season! 4 Spring Parking Lot Maintenance Services You Need

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April showers bring May flowers! Now that the weather is getting warmer and the snow has melted away, you can begin to see the aftermath of harsh winter weather on your parking lot. In Canada, our winter weather can be severe and unforgiving. Heavy snowfall and constant snow removal are not your parking lot’s best friends. 

Is your parking lot looking a little rough post-winter? If your lines have faded away, cracks have started to form, and your parking lot is just looking extra dingey from winter sanding, ice melt, and gravel, it’s time to invest in some spring parking lot maintenance

In this article, we’re sharing a few of the best ways to get your parking lot looking spick-and-span for the springtime, including line painting, crack filling, parking lot sweeping, and power washing. Learn the benefits of each of these services and the important things you should know when booking these services in the following sections. 

Line Painting

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Snow removal and the use of de-icing chemicals are some of the biggest enemies to your parking lot lines. Although these practices are necessary to avoid collisions and keep drivers safe during the winter months, they are also some of the most significant contributors to the reduced life expectancy of your parking lot lines. 

Benefits of Repainting Your Parking Lot Lines 

If your parking lot lines have worn away over the winter, you’ll need to get your lines repainted in the spring. Freshly painted lines not only help drivers identify parking stalls, stop bars, and other important lines in your parking lot, but they also look great and reflect highly on your business or property. 

What to Know When Booking Your Line Painting Service 

When researching line painting services, you’ll find that most companies use water-based line paint. This is due to the fact that oil-based traffic paint has an extremely high VOC rating and was banned in Canada. Unfortunately, water-based line paint has a very short life expectancy of less than a year and low durability, meaning your lines will wear away quickly with winter weather and winter parking lot maintenance routines. 

Don’t worry! If you’re looking for greater durability, there is an alternative solution. TBL Durables is a revolution in line marking technology, offering a life expectancy of 3 years and the highest durability on the market. This line painting product helps property owners save 20-30% over three years! If you want any hope of your parking lot lines surviving the Canadian winter weather, TBL Durables is your best bet. (Psst… EverLine is proud to use TBL Durables for many of our line painting services). 

Crack Filling

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Canadian winter is practically synonymous with freezing and thawing cycles. Not only can fluctuating temperatures give you a headache, but the hairline cracks that form in your pavement due to these weather conditions are sure to make your headache worse.  

Freezing and thawing cycles can cause your pavement to shift, which is one of the reasons that cracks may form in your lot. Once hairline cracks have formed, water and moisture (such as melting snow) can seep into the pavement and cause the cracks to grow larger and larger until you’ve got an annoying pothole on your hands. 

Benefits of Getting Your Cracks Filled 

Filling the cracks in your pavement is the best way to prevent potholes on your property and the most cost-effective way to maintain your asphalt. Crack filling extends the lifespan in your pavement, protects your initial pavement investment and prevents the need for more costly parking lot repairs. Basically, it’s a win-win-win scenario. 

What to Know When Booking Your Crack Filling Service

When it comes to filling the cracks in your parking lot, the sooner you can book your crack filling service, the better. You never know when a spring rainstorm could hit, flooding your parking lot with water and causing your cracks to form into potholes

Parking Lot Sweeping

In the winter, many property owners sand and gravel to prevent drivers from slipping and sliding in their parking lot. Is your parking lot still full of sand and gravel in the spring? While visitors will definitely appreciate the use of sand and gravel in the winter, it can make your parking lot look pretty dirty and unappealing when springtime rolls around. 

Benefits of Getting Your Parking Lot Swept

Parking lot sweeping is the perfect spring cleaning service to get your parking lot looking great and back to its former glory pre-winter. Not only does this service help make your lot look great, but it also creates a clean canvas for the rest of your parking lot maintenance services. 

What to Know When Booking Your Parking Lot Sweeping Service

Parking lot sweeping needs to be done prior to other parking lot maintenance services. Sweeping your parking lot beforehand allows other services like line painting and crack filling to be seamlessly completed so you can get the best results possible for your parking lot. If your parking lot is in need of a good sweep, be sure to book this before booking any of your other services.

Power Washing 

Finally, power washing is another service you should add to your spring parking lot maintenance and cleaning routine. In the winter, property and business owners often use salt to melt ice and prevent cars and people from slipping on their property. However, salt can leave your parking lot looking pretty dirty once all the snow and ice melt away. 

Benefits of Power Washing Your Property 

If your parking lot doesn’t shine like it used to, power washing is a great way to bring back that sparkle and make your property look brand new once again. This service is one of the most effective ways to cut through the grime and dirt left on your property over winter to make your property nice and clean for the spring and summer. 

What to Know When Booking Your Power Washing Service 

Most people don’t know that all power washing services are not the same. Some companies use basic equipment while others (like EverLine) use high-quality equipment to complete power washing services. For example, EverLine uses innovative power washing equipment that can use hot water to effectively power through grime and dirt. If you want your property to be as clean as possible, make sure you book your power washing service with a company that values quality work. 

Additionally, your power washing service isn’t confined to your parking lot. Many companies can also offer power washing services for sidewalks, buildings, parking garages, and more! Get your entire property shining like new with your power washing service. 

EverLine Can Help With Your Parking Lot Spring Cleaning & Maintenance

At EverLine, we are proud to offer all the services you need to revitalize your parking lot post-winter and get your parking lot in tip-top shape for the spring and summer. From line painting and crack filling to parking lot sweeping, power washing, and more, we’ve got you covered with all the spring property maintenance and cleaning services. Our crews have been specially trained and will leave your property looking like new. We also use only the best products and equipment on the market to deliver top-notch results. 

Contact us to book your spring parking lot maintenance and cleaning services today!

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