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Sign and Bollard Installation in Scarborough (Toronto East)

At EverLine, we are capable of installing all kinds of signage for parking lots and properties. Whether you’d like to replace your existing signs or place them in different locations, our expert installers can help with installing signage on your property. In addition to our sign installation, we also specialize in bollard cover installation.

About our Scarborough Sign and Bollard Installation Services

Parking Lot Signs

Parking lots and properties require signage to help identify elements such as crosswalks, handicap parking, no parking areas and more. Proper signage, banners and decals help guarantee safety and enforce property rules. Here at EverLine, we are capable of installing kinds of signs for a variety of businesses and properties. It doesn’t matter if you are a small business, a medium business or a large one. We are able to help! We are Canada’s east coast preferred provider for signage and bollard installation.

In addition to our sign installation services, we also specialize in bollard cover installation. Once your bollards have been installed, it is important to cover them with a reflective material, so they are noticeable and stand out. Our professional crew can assist you with everything from dimensions to design services to help your bollard covers blend seamlessly with your property.

Why Choose EverLine?

One of the key elements at EverLine that defines us from our competition is our unwavering commitment to our CORE quality system. The CORE abbreviation stands for clear scope, operations reports, reach out and evaluate. This commitment allows us to serve value to our clients, they are able to monitor quality through our whole installation process.

EverLine operates off of three essential values that allows us to stand apart from the crowd. The first value is innovation, we use the latest technology to ensure that we produce the highest quality products. Secondly, our quality is systemized and finally we are always here for our customers. By implementing and adhering to these values, we offer solutions that our competition cannot. When you choose EverLine for your sign installation service, not only do you get the ideal signs for your business but also our flexibility to coordinate with your schedule.

We are the Sign and Bollard Installation Experts

We have specially trained crews with years of experience that can handle all of your sign installation and bollard installation projects. Whenever EverLine technicians arrive at your property you can feel reassured you are getting not only quality workmanship but also the highest quality materials as well. It is our mission at Everline to produce and deliver the best signage products and services.

How to Prepare

Prior to our crew’s arrival there are a few steps you can take to ensure that your installation project is completed in a timely manner. We ask all clients to ensure that the area of installation is clear of all obstructions, obstacles and debris. Also it is best to notify your staff or tenants that installation is occurring to help ensure our crews’ safety.

Sign & Bollard Cover Installation Pricing

EverLine Coating and Services aims to provide the best value when it comes to signs and bollard cover installation projects. For our pricing, we do not offer flare rate pricing alternatively we use a per-job basis. The price of the project can fluctuate depending on a variety of factors like manufacturing, graphics and other factors. We place an importance on gathering all the details of your project so we can accurately provide a quote that works for your budget. If you are interested in getting a quote for your sign and bollard project, please contact us today!

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