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Parking Lot Sweeping in Scarborough (Toronto East)

EverLine Coatings provides all the equipment and experienced crews that can restore your parking lot to the highest cleaning standards. Our power sweeping services are capable of cleaning the dirtiest parking lots, parking garages and parkades. No matter the surface type, whether it is asphalt, concrete or anything else, we can get it sparkling clean.

About our Scarborough Parking Lot Sweeping Services

We are able to provide parking lot sweeping services on short notice and can even complete multiple parking lots in a single night. EverLine is known for its high-quality and efficient services. We always ensure that any parking lot sweeping project we take on all the curbs, walkways, and edges of the buildings are free of debris. Whether we are cleaning up after the snow melts or removing dirt, dust or other debris, our commercial sweeping services can restore your property to a clean state.

Why Choose EverLine?

We bring the same highly experienced, well-equipped, multi-crew approach to our power sweeping program as we use with our other suites of services like our parking lot maintenance, pressure washing, and parking lot painting services. Our success starts with client communication. We ensure that we are familiar with the site (whether it be a retail store, mall, warehouse etc.). We strive to exceed our clients’ expectations and thoroughly complete all tasks outlined in the scope of work.

At EverLine, we have an unmatched commitment to quality. We ensure satisfaction through several key elements, those elements being systemizing quality, constantly innovating and always being there for our clients. We are always looking for new ways to innovate and improve our parking lot sweeping services.

We are the Parking Lot Sweeping Experts

What makes EverLine parking lot sweeping experts is our experience, resources and track record of success. We have years of experience providing parking lot sweeping services to various businesses all throughout Canada. It doesn’t matter the size or mess in your parking lot, parkade or parking garage; we are more than capable of handling it.

In addition to our extensive experience, we are also the best equipped and most highly trained professionals in Canada. We have specialized equipment that is specifically designed to deliver quality services for your type of property. We also only employ highly trained sweeping professionals who have extensive knowledge of many sweeping jobs.

In order to be considered an expert, you need credibility. Our track record and satisfied client base have proven that we know how to deliver exceptional services. We are an authority in Canada when it comes to parking lot sweeping.

How to Prepare

To properly prepare your property for sweeping services, there are a few tasks you will need to complete beforehand to ensure our services are rendered in a timely manner. Please ensure that all vehicles have been removed from the parking lot. It is also beneficial to remove any obstacles as well. Secondly, it is strongly recommended that you notify anyone who uses your parking lot that sweeping services will be commencing to help ensure our crew’s safety.

Parking Lot Sweeping Pricing

We pride ourselves on providing the best value for our clients. It’s because of this value-focused approach that we do not offer flat-rate pricing. Instead, we do our pricing on a per-job basis. This allows us to factor in elements like volume, difficulty, traffic and material used on site. The amount of debris, gravel and sand that will need to be removed will affect the quote as well. By factoring in all these elements, we are able to offer competitive pricing without sacrificing quality or value. At EverLine, we commit to understanding the details of each sweeping project so we can provide an accurate quote. 

If you require a quote on parking lot sweeping services, please contact us.

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