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Non-Slip Speciality Coatings in Scarborough (Toronto East)

If your business or property has slippery surfaces that may cause a slip or fall, EverLine Coatings can help you eliminate the chance of a fall by applying a high quality non-slip specialty coating. Our professional, dedicated team has helped numerous businesses and residents improve the safety of their properties.

About our Scarborough Non-slip Speciality Coating Services

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Here at EverLine, we understand that Canadian businesses and residents have to deal with snow, ice, rain and moisture, making their walkways, decks, patios, ramps, driveway, outside parking lots, and other surfaces slippery. These slippery surfaces can be a liability as people may slip and fall. At EverLine, we provide a solution that eliminates the possibility of someone slipping and falling. 

Our non-slip coatings can make any surface (regardless of kind or texture) an anti-slip surface. Our professionals can apply a non-slip coating to any indoor or outdoor area. It doesn’t matter if you would like an anti-slip coating applied to a busy parking lot or a single garage; we can help!

Why Choose Everline?

We only use the highest quality products when it comes to our non-slip coating products to ensure professional execution and excellent results. Our non-slip specialty coatings are a durable product and capable of being customized to your surface.

There are good reasons why EverLine is considered an industry innovator. We implement elements that help our business stand out from the competition. One of those elements is our dedication to our CORE quality system. The CORE abbreviation stands for Clear Scope, Operations reports, Reach out and Evaluate. Committing to these values allows our clients to monitor the quality of work throughout every step of the process. Our employees provide top quality workmanship that always addresses the specific needs of clients with total professionalism. Our EverLine crew members are specially trained in anti-slip coatings and can complete any kind of job or project.

We are the Non-Slip Speciality Coating Experts

The most effective way to provide effective, fantastic non-slip speciality coatings to an assortment of surfaces is through experience and specialized training. This is why, at EverLine Coatings, we take pride in our technicians who have undergone meticulous training to guarantee high caliber application and execution.

How to Prepare

In order to best certify proper application is completed efficiently and timely, it is important to follow these directions prior to our crew’s arrival. First it is crucial that the surface is clean and clear of any debris. This will help the anti-slip coating adhere properly to the surface. Second, please make sure to put up signs to indicate that there is wet anti-slip coating. If someone accidentally walks through the wet coating it will damage any work that has been completed.

Non-Slip Speciality Coating Pricing

Making sure you receive the best price and value on your non-slip speciality coating is imperative to us here at EverLine Coatings and Services. It is because of this that we don’t offer flat rate pricing. Instead we offer pricing that is done on a per-job basis. Our project prices are based on a number of factors. This is why we gather as many details about your budget and project requirements so that we can provide a quote that works for your business. If you are in need of a quote for a non-slip speciality coating project, please contact us.

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