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TBL Durables in Saskatoon

Invest in EverLine Coatings for long-lasting line coatings in Saskatoon and create innovative traffic solutions that stand out from the crowd.

Long-lasting Line Striping Solutions for Saskatoon Businesses

TBL DurablesFor Saskatoon property management, the city’s diverse economy sets high standards when it comes to parking lot presentation. Whether operating in potash mining, agricultural biotechnology, food processing, or catering to university students and faculty, you’re juggling many priorities. Your prairie location brings its own tests. The extreme temperature swings and heavy winter snowfalls can quickly degrade lot markings and surfaces. The semi-arid climate in summer demands frequent touch-ups to maintain a polished appearance worthy of the “Paris of the Prairies” moniker. With Saskatoon’s rapid growth, businesses seeking to make a sterling first impression need to stay ahead of pavement maintenance.

EverLine Coatings offers Saskatoon property managers efficient line striping services using our special TBL Durables coatings designed for prairie extremes.

TBL Durables Outpaces Standard Traffic Paint

For municipal parking designs and healthcare facilities in Saskatoon, standard traffic paint poses challenges. The frequent repainting required makes it a less cost-effective option for high-traffic areas such as city parks, recreation centers, hospitals and clinics.

Coatings from TBL Durables provide an ideal solution tailored to these sectors’ unique needs. The advanced formulation lasts 3-4 times longer than regular paint, significantly reducing long-term maintenance costs and disruptions. While the upfront price is higher, TBL boasts a better return on investment through its extended lifespan.

For city governments, this translates to improved aesthetics and safety in turn lanes, crosswalks and bike lanes without restricting access for repainting. In healthcare, these durable markings ensure smooth traffic flow for patients and staff during critical moments. The coatings are also LEED compliant for environmentally-conscious organizations.

The enhanced durability and vibrant look of TBL Durables make them the superior choice for logistics and transportation in any industry needing sustainable, low-maintenance parking lots that can withstand high usage year after year.

 Oil BasedWater BasedTBL DURABLES©
Life Expectancy1 YearLess than a year3 Years
CostBenchmark CostMore than BenchmarkLess than Benchmark
VOC Rating – g/L48015050
Dry Time5-8 Minutes60-120 Minutes5-8 Minutes
Temperature Requirement3C10C-10C
Risk of Paint SpreadingLowHighLow

Benefits of TBL Durables

The extended lifespan and enhanced performance of TBL Durables make them ideal for creating visually appealing, sustainable parking areas that thrive through every prairie season.

Choose Durable Pavement Markings from EverLine Coatings

The vibrant, freshly marked lots we provide ensure your parking areas reflect Saskatoon’s economic vitality despite harsh winters. EverLine’s services enhance curb appeal through improved safety, aesthetics, and a welcoming atmosphere for all. Our experienced team specializes in TBL Durable coatings to create vibrant, long-lasting line striping tailored to your needs. We’ll help your property stand out with premium markings that drive customers to your doors.

Whether blacking out old lines or designing a new layout, EverLine’s expertise with TBL Durables reduces maintenance costs while providing a sustainable curb appeal. Request a free quote today and take the first step toward enhancing your exterior space.

TBL Durables has the highest durability compared to regular water-based and oil-based line paint

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