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Preferred Sign & Bollard Cover Installation in Saskatoon

EverLine Coatings’ expert sign and bollard cover installation services help improve safety and aesthetics for Saskatoon area businesses.

About EverLine Saskatoon Sign & Bollard Covers Installation Services

Saskatoon is a welcoming city with a growing population. As a property or facility manager in this picturesque city, you want to keep your business’s exterior looking its best. You also want to ensure your exterior – including your parking lot – is safe for employees and visitors.

One of the most important ways to do that is by employing a contractor who can install proper signage and bollard covers on your property. The professionals at EverLine Coatings Saskatoon are experts when it comes to sign and bollard cover installation, no matter what your business needs or where you need it.

Parking Lot Signs

A Safe, Attractive Parking Lot and Property

At EverLine Coatings, we understand why clear signage and bright bollard covers are crucial for safety and aesthetics. In addition, our experts provide a level of service and commitment that is unparalleled in the pavement maintenance industry.

Clear Signage Installation

Clear signage for your commercial property parking lot or exterior will direct visitors where to walk and park, ensures a safe traffic flow, and enforces property rules. Clear signage also designates crosswalks and accessible parking spaces.

Bright Bollard Covers

Installing bollard covers eliminates the need for you to constantly scrape and paint your parking lot bollards. They also can provide a visible, branded appearance for your business. Here are some other advantages: 

  • Enhances the appearance of your pipe bollards 
  • Reduces maintenance costs
  • Provides a more uniform appearance that enhances your brand
  • Protects posts and car doors by limiting metal-to-metal contact
Bright Bollard Covers

EverLine Coatings: Expert sign and bollard cover installation for Saskatoon businesses

When you partner with EverLine Coatings, you have peace of mind that you will receive the high-quality sign and bollard cover installations you deserve. That’s because we operate on three key values that differentiate us from the competition: constant innovation, systemized quality, and thorough communication.

Ready to learn more about how our sign and bollard cover installation can improve your Saskatoon facility? Contact us for a quote!

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