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How to Protect Your Saskatoon Parking Lot in the Winter

In Saskatoon, we face intense winters with lots of wind. And it’s not just us who have to deal with the freezing temperatures–our parking lots do too. Often, when spring arrives, and the snow finally melts away, you realize that your parking lot didn’t exactly fare well over the winter. The snow plow is definitely not the only thing you need to invest in to keep your parking lot functional in the winter

In fact, you might be surprised at how a few simple changes to how you handle your parking lot maintenance can make it look significantly better than you anticipate when spring arrives. 

Perform Maintenance and Sealing Early

Over the winter, water will collect in the small cracks, holes and gaps in your asphalt and freeze. As it freezes, it expands and makes those problems worse. This frequently happens all winter. The best way to prevent it is to have your maintenance and asphalt sealing performed in the fall before the freeze-thaw cycle starts. Filling potholes, cracks and adding sealant will prevent the common damage that winter causes to parking lots.

We suggest that you reach out to your parking lot maintenance team early in the fall in order to schedule any maintenance that your parking lot will need before the cold weather arrives. We suggest that you also remove plants and weeds at this time so that the lot will still be clear come spring.

Consider Your Salt Deicing Options

You may need to use salt or chemical deicing products in order to make your lot safe for people to traverse or drive on. However, if you can use less of it or a less harsh product that is a good idea in order to protect your parking lot. Harsh chemicals and lots of salt can erode and damage your asphalt.

Monitor Vehicles with Excessive Weight

Ideally, you wouldn’t allow very heavy vehicles into your lot, but it isn’t always possible to avoid this. For example, you certainly need to allow heavy plows onto your lot. But you can monitor other heavy vehicles and ensure they are not left parked in one spot for too long, as this can cause depressions in the asphalt.

Avoid Damage/Safety Issues from Holiday Decor

Adding a little sparkle to the Christmas season is one of the best parts of winter. When you do, you should take some precautions in order to protect your parking lot and keep it safe. For example:

    • Don’t run extension cords across the parking lot
    • Be safe when using ladders and have someone else with you
    • Keep decor clear of walkways and parking spaces to avoid clutter and prevent accidents
    • Do not use flammable materials
    • Use lights that are safety accredited

    Snowy Parking Lot

    Fix Parking Lot Issues Through Winter

    Just because the snow hasn’t melted doesn’t mean your parking lot can’t be helped. If you notice issues with your parking lot, you can still get them fixed in winter. We offer infrared asphalt repair, which can be performed during the winter, unlike other kinds of repair. There are other advantages of using infrared asphalt repair, including that the surface is ready to drive on quickly, it takes less labor and materials and is more environmentally sound than other repair methods. 

    Remove Oil and Fuel Stains  

    In winter, people are just as likely to leave behind leaks from their vehicles, but people are less likely to clean them up because it is cold out. Don’t leave any stains in your parking lot. Absorb it with sawdust or kitty litter and talk to your asphalt pavement maintenance experts about resolving older stains or adding sealant to protect your parking lot. 

    Choose EverLine Coatings for Winter Parking Lot Support

    What does your parking lot need, and when does it need it? The experts at Saskatoon’s EverLine Coatings can give you honest advice about how to get your parking lot through winter while minimizing the overall amount you will spend on the lot’s maintenance. We offer high-quality parking lot maintenance solutions, which can really help.

    Get in touch with us today to learn more about our pavement maintenance services in Saskatoon.

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