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Parking Lot Line Painting in Saskatoon

EverLine Coatings’ parking lot line painting services help Saskatoon property and facility managers maintain attractive and easy-to-navigate parking lots.

Get Professional Parking Lot Line Painting with EverLine Coatings

Line Painting PathwayAs a Saskatoon property or facility manager, you want the business you manage to always put its best foot forward for visitors. Since the parking lot is often the first thing any potential customer sees upon approaching a facility, it is a big part of their first impression!

Bright, easy-to-read parking lot line painting is one of the best ways to ensure an attractive and safe parking lot. At EverLine Coatings, we understand how much work goes into maintaining a property, and our reliable, thorough parking lot line painting service aims to make life easier for busy Saskatoon property and facility managers like you!

A safe, organized parking lot

Parking Lot Painted by EverLine CoatingsIn addition to beautifying your parking lot, clearly marked crosswalks, directional arrows, and parking stalls enable visitors to navigate your facility’s parking lot safely. Properly maintained parking lot line markings:

  • Direct the safe flow of traffic
  • Alert drivers to pedestrian crossings
  • Show available parking spaces
  • Reduce the chance of accidents, thus limiting your liability
  • Improve your business’s image


At EverLine Coatings, we use the most efficient processes and highest quality products, including TBL Durables paint, to ensure you have the exceptional parking line painting results you are entitled to expect. Here are the advantages of TBL Durables:

  • Lasts 2-4 times longer than standard traffic paints
  • Fast-drying, sprayable liquid cures in only 5-10 minutes
  • Weather-resistant to withstand Saskatoon’s temperature extremes
  • Three times cleaner than water-based paint and 10 times cleaner than oil-based paint, making it the best choice for environmentally-conscious property managers

EverLine Coatings — the best choice for Saskatoon parking lot line painting

At EverLine Coatings, we are fully committed to providing you with responsive customer service and exemplary results. After the project is complete, we will do a complete evaluation to ensure you got exactly what you paid for, including a full report and before and after photos. Want to learn more about our parking lot line painting service? Contact us to request a quote!
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