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How to Calm Lower Mainland Traffic with Speed Bump Installation

If your business parking lot feels more like a race car track or has become a go-to shortcut for locals, you need an effective strategy to help calm traffic. Here we look at speed bump installation to help resolve traffic issues in your parking lot in the Lower Mainland. 

Speed Bump Installation 101

Speed bumps force traffic to slow down, creating a navigable obstacle that is safe to drive over but that requires a reduction in speed to do so. They are the ideal solution to prevent speed issues and create a less desirable shortcut because slow speeds are enforced. You create a safer environment for vehicles and pedestrians, offering an excellent traffic control strategy for your Lower Mainland parking lot.

How Does Speed Bump Installation Work?

Speed bumps span the lane of your roadways, forcing drivers to slow down so their wheels can safely pass over the bumps. They are made of safe rubber material and won’t cause damage to cars even if drivers are operating their vehicles carelessly. Drivers are less likely to speed when encountering areas with speed bumps, and those using your parking lot as a convenient shortcut will also find the route less appealing, helping to reduce traffic. They are impossible to avoid due to their prominence, and drivers can’t pick up speed as they encounter bumps every 50 to 90 meters.

What are the Benefits of Speed Bump Installations?

There are several benefits to parking lot speed bumps, including:

  • Reduced speed: Because cars can’t speed through your parking lot, you reduce the risk of accidents. You also create less traffic, as locals won’t want to slow down their travels contending with speed bumps. Reduced traffic also reduces the risks of accidents, creating a more pedestrian-friendly environment.
  • Courtesy: Slower driving is more courteous to fellow drivers and pedestrians entering your property. As a result, speed bump installation demonstrates your commitment to your customers, visitors, staff, and tenants.
  • Volume control: Speeding cars and increased traffic flow contribute to noise pollution. Whether you are a hotel, office tower, residential complex, healthcare centre, or any other building where quiet is preferred, a reduction in speed and traffic volume also means a reduction in noise pollution.
  • Traffic regulation: You easily address your primary goal, traffic regulation. Drivers using the parking lot are forced to slow down, while locals will return to the public roadways where they can maintain a speed that gets them where they’re going faster.
  • No need for enforcement: If you invest in road bumps, you won’t need to invest in parking enforcement. Speed bumps are self-regulating, forcing drivers to obey the speed limit.

What Parking Lots Benefit From Speed Bumps?

Speed bumps are the ideal solution for the following parking lots:

  • Parking lots with roadways that are prone to speeding
  • Parking lots with roadways that lead from one street to another, presenting a shortcut opportunity
  • Parking lots with high pedestrian traffic with several crossing points on property roadways
  • Parking lots at institutions such as hospitals, schools, community centers, etc., with vulnerable visitors
  • Parking lots in areas where traffic noise presents an issue, such as buildings near hospitals, libraries, hotels, spas, campuses, residential areas, etc.

Although speed bumps are particularly effective in these scenarios, they can be used anywhere you feel they are needed.

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