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Is Your Property On-Brand? 3 Unique Property Branding Ideas

A logo custom stencil in a parking lot

What do people first see when they pull into your parking lot? Is it a random building that could belong to any business? Or is it a perfectly branded property complete with your logo and brand colours? 

In this article, we’re discussing a few property branding ideas to make your property stand out from your competitors and really represent your desired brand personality. This includes custom stencilling, commercial painting, and epoxy flooring.

Why Is It Important for Your Property to Be On-Brand? 

Did you know that it takes only seven seconds for people to form a first impression about your business (Forbes)? That clock doesn’t start once people walk through your doors. First impressions actually start much earlier… 

Your parking lot and the exterior of your building are the first things customers, clients, or visitors see when they arrive at your property. These may also be the only impression people get from your business as they drive by your property on the street. 

But your branding also shouldn’t stop at your parking lot. After your visitors have established a great first impression of your business, you must continue the branded experience inside your property as well. 

That’s why it’s crucial to make sure your entire property is on-brand! 

Branding Ideas for Your Property

From your parking lot to the interior of your property, there are several ways you can add key branding elements to make your property stand out. Here are a few unique ways you can create a branded experience for your visitors while they are visiting your property. 

Custom Stencilling

A Tim Hortons custom stencil in a parking lot

When it comes to branding, logos are key to communicating your unique brand identity. You’ve probably spent a lot of time developing your logo to achieve the perfect symbol to represent your brand. You put it on your signage, your merchandise, your documents, and everything that you produce.  But what about your parking lot? 

As we discussed, first impressions of your business start from the moment a person pulls up to your property. So, why not greet them with your company logo right when they enter your lot? Custom stencilling is a great way to add a branding element to your parking lot and helps to kick off the branded experience for your visitors. 

The image above is a great example of how custom stencilling can be used to add your logo to your parking lot, courtesy of the EverLine Kitchener location. With the combination of high quality paint products and a team of stencilling experts, we were able to deliver this exceptional custom stencilling result for our customer. 

In addition to your logo, you can also get creative and use custom stencilling to represent your brand personality in unique ways. For example, here’s a fun photo from a sushi restaurant that used custom stencilling to replace their parking lot lines with fish stencils! 

Custom Stenciling

Whether you choose a more traditional branding element like your logo or something more creative to represent your brand personality, custom stencilling is the perfect way to add personal touches to your property and improve your first impressions. 

Commercial Painting

Unique brand colours are another way that your business can stand out from your competitors. Colours can help to convey emotions, feelings and experiences which people then associate with your brand. Good brand colours improve brand recall and give more depth to your brand identity. But what good are brand colours if you don’t make good use of them? 

One of the best ways to convey your brand identity on your property is to paint your property in your brand colours. For example, consider the effect of IKEA’s branded paint colours on their brand recall. Whenever you see an IKEA building in the distance, you instantly think of all the cheap furniture you might need and your mouth starts to water at the thought of some Swedish meatballs… Yum! 

By painting your building in your brand colours, your property will begin to have this same effect on your customers. They’ll see your building and instantly think about everything your brand has to offer. Instead of blending in with the other buildings, your business will stand out and attract more customers to your store.

Take a look at the photo above to see an example of how EverLine Sudbury used our commercial painting services to help this craft supplier liven up their storefront. You can use this as inspiration for your own commercial painting project!

Epoxy Flooring 

Did you know that your brand colours aren’t restricted to the paint on your walls? Why not add your brand colours to your floors as well! One of the best ways to personalize your floors is with epoxy flooring

This flooring solution is a combination of resin and hardening chemicals. The epoxy compound is poured onto concrete floors and hardens into a hard plastic coating. Epoxy flooring has a number of benefits, including being extremely durable, easy to clean, and protective for your concrete floors. 

When it comes to branding, the key benefit of epoxy flooring is that it’s highly customizable. You can make your epoxy flooring match your brand colours and you can also use epoxy flooring to create unique designs

The image above is an example of how EverLine used epoxy flooring to add brand colours to a warehouse for one of our customers. You may also add epoxy flooring to your store or other types of properties to keep the branded experience consistent when your visitors or customers walk through your doors. 

EverLine Can Help Bring Your Branding to Life On Your Property!

When it comes to using custom stencilling, commercial painting, and epoxy flooring to represent your brand identity, you want these services to be done right! Shoddy workmanship can poorly represent your brand and potentially even turn your customers away. 

That’s why it’s crucial to hire a professional. At EverLine, our crews have been specifically trained in custom stencilling, commercial painting, and epoxy flooring, which allows them to exceed customer expectations every single time. Our high quality is systemized, meaning we never leave a project without ensuring that our work meets our highest standards and that our customers are completely satisfied with the end results. 

When it comes to high quality results, high quality products are also necessary. At EverLine, we use only the highest quality paint and epoxy flooring products to ensure each product is durable and will continue to look great for as long as possible. 

Let’s work together to make your property on-brand and start attracting customers with your epic custom stencils and eye catching brand colours. Contact us today!

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