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Fresh Sealcoating – Sudbury

Sealcoating Sudbury

That fresh black top look never gets old. Literally! Our EverLine Coatings Sudbury team did an amazing job sealcoating this asphalt on a local property! Sealcoating has many benefits, including: that fresh black-top look, protecting the base from water seepage, prolonging your asphalt’s life expectancy, preventing cracks and potholes and more!

Accessible Parking Stall Line Painting – Sudbury

Handicap Line Painting Calgary

Talk about accessibility! Our EverLine Coatings Sudbury team did an amazing job with all of their line painting work in this local parking lot! From the parking lines to the accessibility stencils and even the arrows, there is so much to admire!EverLine Coatings has been an industry leader and authority in the line painting industry […]

Custom Crosswalk – Sudbury

Custom Crosswalk Sudbury

This custom crosswalk has us absolutely speechless. Our EverLine Coatings Sudbury did a jaw-dropping job on this crosswalk. We don’t even know where to begin! We could talk about the crisp lines or the popping colour for days! This is a flawless example of EverLine’s quality workmanship and execution. When it comes to custom work […]

Flake Epoxy Flooring – Sudbury

Flake Epoxy Flooring Sudbury

There’s no doubt that epoxy flooring is a knockout solution to a variety of problems like slipping, wear and tear, and more. But did you know that it can also be customized with gorgeous designs like flake epoxy? Our EverLine Coatings Sudbury did an amazing job on this flake design epoxy flooring for a local […]

Crack Filling Project – Sudbury

Crack Filling

Our Sudbury team did a fantastic job at sealing up all the cracks in this local parking lot! Crack filling can help you prolong the life of your asphalt and stabilize the base, so you AVOID the need to repave. Our specialized crack filling crews can help you fill any existing cracks in your parking […]

Crack Filling Sudbury

Crack Filling on an Asphalt Parking Lot by EverLine Coatings

These cracks were a catastrophe waiting to happen… until the EverLine Sudbury team swooped in to save the day with our Asphalt Sealing and Crack Filling services! Leaving cracks unfilled can cause water to seep into the pavement. This can damage the subgrade base and lead to annoying potholes on your property. As you can […]

Basement Epoxy Flooring – Sudbury

Basement Epoxy Flooring

With the help of some paint and our epoxy flooring systems, the EverLine Sudbury team completely rejuvenated this rundown basement. Now this basement is a nice, bright, and clean storage and workout space that our customer can be proud to use. Our epoxy flooring systems are the perfect solution for protecting concrete flooring and making […]

Full Flake Epoxy Flooring System – Sudbury

Epoxy Flooring Sudbury

With the help of our high-quality epoxy flooring systems, the EverLine Sudbury team completely transformed these lunchroom floors for a local mining supply company. These before and after photos show how our epoxy flooring solutions can really help to upgrade a space and make it look brand new. On top of looking great, epoxy flooring […]

Multi-Purpose Crosswalk – Sudbury

Multi-Purpose Crosswalk Sudbury

This crisp new multi-purpose crosswalk was painted by our EverLine Sudbury franchise! The Sudbury team used TBL Durables (the most durable traffic paint on the market) because this crosswalk will need to withstand a lot of traffic. TBL Durables also has a much longer lifespan than the line painting alternatives. Unlike crosswalks painted with water-based […]

Front Entrance Upgrade – Sudbury

iBead Front Entrance Upgrade

Talk about a major upgrade! The EverLine Sudbury franchise revitalized this front entrance for a local craft supplier with a fresh sealcoating, expertly painted lines, and a brand new deck stain. The combination of these services made this front entrance look brand new again. It also helps the property stand out and adds some personality […]

Custom Logo Stenciling – Sudbury

Custom Stencilling

Looking for a solution to customize or personalize your property? Why not add your logo to your parking lot! The Sudbury franchise did a great job helping this client add a personal touch to their property. Adding the logo really helps the parking lot stand out! Our custom stenciling services are a great option whether […]

Schoolyard Custom Stencilling – Sudbury

Schoolyard Custom Stencilling

Previous Next A+ to our Sudbury EverLine franchise that created these fun and educational schoolyard designs. Sub-par stencilling is no fun! You can count on our expertise to paint lines and custom stencils that will stand up wear and tear and keep looking great in the years to come. We can help make your most […]