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Basketball Court – Saskatoon

Basketball Court Saskatoon

Sports are fun and all but without quality line markings, they’re pretty hard to play! The EverLine Saskatoon team absolutely crushed it with this indoor basketball court! The court was painted in a community centre on the Little Black Bear reserve. With the use of our high-quality paint products, the Saskatoon line painting experts were […]

Sports Court – Saskatoon

Sports Court Saskatoon

Our EverLine Saskatoon team did an amazing job getting this court ready for action! Make sure the lines on your sports court are playtime-worthy! It doesn’t matter if you have a basketball, tennis, multipurpose, indoor or outdoor court, our services can help make sure everything is in line when it’s game time. If you have […]

Parking Lot Layout – Saskatoon

Parking Lot Layout Saskatoon

The EverLine Saskatoon team brings you the epic birds-eye view video to show how EverLine completes new parking lot layouts. At EverLine, we

Sports Court Line Painting – Saskatoon

Sports Court Line Painting Saskatoon

Previous Next Sports courts need high-quality line-markings, too! This is a multi-sport court that was painted by our Saskatoon franchise. As you can see, there are a variety of lines that have been painted on this sports court to accommodate a number of different games. Mediocre lines that have not been measured correctly can throw […]

Sports Courts – Saskatoon

Sports Court Line Painting

Previous Next EverLine Coatings and Services is much more than just a parking lot and road line painting company! Did you know that we can paint lines and markings for almost any application you need? For example, we have measurements that enable us to create regulation-sized sporting courts, just like this one we created in […]

Custom Parkade Project – Saskatoon

Parkade Painting

Previous Next Proper line markings can play a major role in properly guiding the people using your parking lot or parkade. This project in a Saskatoon parkade helps guide patrons to pay stations. This helps improve the users experience and vastly limit any confusion. We used customized traffic paint for this project to achieve ideal […]

Custom Crosswalk – Saskatoon

Custom Crosswalk Saskatoon

This is a crosswalk project we completed at a mall in Saskatoon. The client was ecstatic with the work done and the professionalism of our crew.

City of Warman Crosswalks


Previous Next We are proud to show our first TBL Durables project in Saskatchewan. Our expert crew completed a set of crosswalks for the City of Warman.