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Custom Playground Markings: How Line Markings Make Play Time More Fun!

Playground Line Markings

This month, we are going to take a look at something a little different! One of the awesome things about the line painting industry is that there are so many different applications for quality line markings. It’s incredible; we get calls to paint lines for new, exciting things all the time!

One area of line painting that is often overlooked is playground line markings. Although they are commonplace in most playgrounds and school yards, quality playground markings make a big difference when it comes to play time!

To give you an idea of what kind of playground and school yard markings we can create, we’ve rounded up some of our best work as well as some cool examples from around the world.

Playground Line Markings Made By EverLine

If you need custom playground line markings for your playground, school yard, or property, you can trust the line painting experts at EverLine Coatings and Services. We have completed a number of different playground line painting projects across Canada!

Playground Line Painting

This is a project we completed in Sudbury, Ontario. The client wanted lines for a variety of different activities. As you can see in the photo, there is a maze game, hopscotch, coloured dots for stepping on, and sport lines in this small area. If you need your playground lines repainted, or new playground stencils painted, we have you covered!

EverLine Coatings and Services are the Playground Line Marking Experts

Playground Painting

Although these may seem like ordinary playground lines, there is a reason why EverLine is one of the best playground painting companies in Canada. These lines are painted by our highly-trained line painting experts using our exclusive paint products and processes.

We have exclusive playground marking paint that exceeds the lifespan of conventional line painting products. Our TBL Durables paint product and EverLast line painting system enable us to paint lines that last up to ten times as long as our competitors.

The lines painted with our exclusive TBL Durables paint products dry into a bright, vibrant, line that has similar properties to a hard plastic compound. This playground marking paint has incredible properties, is wear resistant, and can withstand the harsh conditions that many playground line markings face with our long and harsh Canadian winters.

Cool Playground Markings from Around the World

To give you some inspiration as to what is possible, we’ve rounded up some really cool playground and school yard markings that we’ve seen from around the world. These markings are sure to catch some attention and look like they would make for some really fun playground games!

School Playground Markings

If you require line markings for a school playground, we have school playground stencils that will make every recess, lunch break, and gym class awesome! Here are some examples of what kind of school yard markings EverLine can create for your school.

Long Jump School Yard Markings

Long Jump Playground Game

Want markings that are good for play time and more structured activities that you may be doing in a physical education course? We have you covered! We can create school playground stencils to make designs like this long jump meter. How much fun would this be for a gym class or a recess activity?

Maze Playground Stencils

Playground Maze Game

Looking for something a bit more challenging and engaging for developing minds? Maze playground stencils are a great option. These stencils challenge children to find their way to the centre of the maze. Although this is a simple maze, thanks to EverLine’s top of the line painting equipment, we can create intricate designs to be more or less challenging at your discretion. If you want a maze that will challenge everyone, we can create it!

Hopscotch Stencils

Hopscotch Game

There’s nothing like a good old fashioned game of hopscotch! We have hopscotch stencils so we can create a variety of different hopscotch markings for your playground line marking project.

Hopscotch Painting

From simple hopscotch markings to more complex ones like the one you see above, we can create it all! If you have a wild idea for a hopscotch stenciling project, we’d be happy to help you make your idea a reality. Our accurate painting equipment and highly trained crews can execute lines with precision and accuracy.

Playground Line Markings

When it comes to playground line markings, the possibilities are endless! EverLine can create a variety of different playground lines for different games and activities. Kids are creative and can use playground line markings for all kinds of different games.

Road Markings for a Playground

Playground Custom Markings

Another cool concept we’ve seen is painting road markings on your playground. When it comes to a child’s imagination, the sky’s the limit. These playground markings are great for letting kids play, pretending to drive, and to teach them about the rules of the road and how to be safe when crossing the street. At EverLine, we paint road and playground lines regularly. If this is something you think would be a good fit for your playground or school yard line marking project, we can make it happen!

A Bit of Everything Makes Playground Lines Fun!

Playground Line Markings

What’s better than having a few markings on your playground or school yard? Having a whole bunch of them! This is an interesting group of school yard markings that we saw. There’s hopscotch stencils, jump lines, rules, and a path to follow. This would be a ton of fun for kids to play with! When it comes to school yard and playground line markings, the sky’s the limit. With EverLine’s line painting and custom stenciling services, we can make any combination of designs on your property to make play time awesome.

EverLine Can Help With All of Your Playground Line Painting Needs

That’s a wrap! These are some of the coolest playground line markings and school yard stencils that we have ever seen. We love taking on playground line painting projects, it’s like an opportunity for us to create what we would have wanted when we were kids. If you have wild ideas for your next playground line marking project, contact EverLine Coatings and Services today. We are one of the best playground painting companies in Canada, and we’re ready to make your new playground come to life!

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