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5 Physical Distancing Markings to Add to Your Property

4 people standing 2m apart

Though we’d all like to leave the whole COVID-19 fiasco behind us, it’s becoming clear that physical distancing measures aren’t going anywhere any time soon! 

Over the last few months, businesses, cities, and communities all around the world have been doing their part to encourage physical distancing on their properties and public spaces. This has allowed customers, patrons, and visitors to continue enjoying these spaces while ensuring safety for themselves and others.

As the makeshift physical distancing stickers, tape and paper signs wear away, many property owners are making the switch to more durable alternatives. In this blog post, we’re sharing examples of physical distancing custom painting, custom stencilling, and line painting from around the world to give you ideas on how you can encourage physical distancing on your own property. 

Custom Painting

An IKEA in Ottawa 

This commercial painting project is brought to you by our very own EverLine Ottawa franchise! The EverLine Ottawa team completed this massive physical distancing painting project for their local IKEA. 

With many provinces across the country imposing capacity restrictions on businesses, people often have to wait in line outside for their turn to enter the premises. To facilitate physical distancing in these lines, many businesses are opting to add physical distancing markings outside their buildings. 

Who says these physical distancing markings can’t be on brand? This video is the perfect example of how a business can help keep their customers safe while also using their brand colours to keep their property looking sharp. 

Custom Stencilling

Phoenix Park in Dublin 

Here’s a more common example of physical distancing markings you may have seen around your city or local parks. These custom stencils are used to remind people of physical distancing requirements while they enjoy public spaces freely. 

Compared to the large custom painting project discussed above, this type of project is a much more cost-effective alternative. However, this method may be less effective at maintaining the appropriate physical distance between people. With this type of custom stencilling, people must use their own judgement to estimate whether they are appropriately spread out. 

 “StoDistante” physical distancing squares in Tuscany

Town square in Tuscany 

The photo above is a unique custom stencilling project we discovered from the Italian architecture firm, Caret Studio. The concept is called “StoDistante” and uses these white squares to help people keep their space while enjoying a public space. 

Unlike the previous custom stencilling design we discussed that merely serves as a reminder, this design could be more effective at facilitating physical distancing in public spaces. 

We also like how this design doesn’t distract from the beauty of the space. However, this could also make the purpose of the squares unclear to visitors. 

Line Painting

 A pathway with directional line painting

Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, many people have been making their way to outdoor pathways for some exercise or a change in scenery. Line painting is a great option for encouraging physical distancing on pathways. Many pathways already use line painting to facilitate the flow of walking or biking traffic!

The photo above is a pathway line painting project that was completed by our EverLine Toronto franchise pre-COVID. This demonstrates how you can encourage physical distancing in public spaces in a way that will also be useful post-pandemic. 

EverLine is Here to Help with Your Physical Distancing Requirements! 

At EverLine, our experts can help you adapt your property to physical distancing requirements through any of the methods discussed in this article! We offer custom painting, custom stencilling, and line painting to help you keep your customers or visitors safe on your property. 

Whether you want a massive branded painting project like the job we completed for IKEA or a multi-purpose post-COVID solution like a directional pathway, we’re here to help! Contact us today for a quote for your project. 

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