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At EverLine, we are committed to delivering quality; to do this we use the highest quality products available. TBL Durables is the best line painting product available and offers numerous advantages over traditional line painting products.


Line Painting Pathway

TBL DURABLES© is a revolution in line marking technology. The secret to the success of TBL DURABLES rests in the name itself – Durable. TBL DURABLES is a sprayable liquid that cures in 5-10 minutes creating a hard plastic that is more resistant to wear and provides greater reflectivity than any other line painting product on the market.

TBL DURABLES is also the most environmentally friendly product available today; three times cleaner than water-based paint and ten times cleaner than oil-based paint. This makes it the clear choice for property management companies trying to meet environmentally friendly standards.

Property managers and business owners can realize a potential 20-30% savings over three years.


 Oil BasedWater BasedTBL DURABLES©
Life Expectancy1 YearLess than a year3 Years
CostBenchmark CostMore than BenchmarkLess than Benchmark
VOC Rating – g/L48015050
Dry Time5-8 Minutes60-120 Minutes5-8 Minutes
Temperature Requirement3C10C-10C
Risk of Paint SpreadingLowHighLow

See the Difference for Yourself

The images below show exactly why TBL DURABLES is superior to oil based line painting products. The oil based lines on the left are almost completely worn away, while the TBL DURABLES lines are still completely visible.